Prancing Horse issue 83

no. 83 - Winter 1987

LanguageAmerican English language icon American English
EditorHoward Payne
PublishingFerrari Club of America
Dimensions215 x 300 mm

Cover of Prancing Horse issue 83, no. 83 - Winter 1987

Table of Contents

9Technical AdvisorDinoplex to MSD Electronic Ignition conversion

W.V. Badurski

13Behind the Wheel of the Miami Device

Joyce Carol Oates

17Ferrari's of the 90's
21Finding a Ferrari

Ruggero Santilli

23The Thousand Mile Chase
24Mille Miglia 1986
25Shopping Formula 1
29Technical AdvisorEmergency Tools and Equipment

W.V. Badurski

30Ferrari Automodelli

Larry Dunn

32Regional EventsA spring tonic for Chicagoland Ferrari

Bill Badurski

32Regional EventsAutomobili Italiana
South Central Region

Bill Preston

33Regional EventsMuseum of Transportation, Brookline
Northeast Region

Bob Michaud

34Video ReviewRosso Ferrari

Stanley Cohen

35F-1 ReportThe windup of the Season and the Outlook for 87

Roger Shimmel