Otto newsletter issue 9

March - April 2006

LanguageAmerican English language icon American English
AuthorDavid Williams
EditorJohn W. Barns, Jr.
PublishingCavallino, Inc.
Dimensions16 pages, 206 x 276 mm

Between 2004 and 2006, Cavallino, Inc. published 9 issues of the Otto newsletter written by Ferrari expert Keith Bluemel, exploring the Ferrari 3 Series - 308, 328, 348, 355. A very handy and useful reference of extensive information on chassis, bodies, interiors and engines. Information on service, maintenance and repairs. Parts, restorations, and more. Complete specs, type numbers, chassis number ranges, etc.

Cover of Otto newsletter issue 9, March - April 2006

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In response to your suggestions, we have evolved OTTO from a newsletter into a magazine, and re-named it 3-SERIES. Better paper, more 4-color, more features. In this issue, we have a close up look at a very special 348 tb Challenge car, with the owner's personal commentary. We also take a detailed look at Ferrari's Certification Program, since it now covers all the early V-8s.
2A Special Challenge
PB Bachman reports on the Ferrari 348 TB Challenge
At the recent Palm Beach Cavallino Classic, as part of the lecture series, several owners were asked to lead a discussion group, with their own car as the center of attention. Below we have a very late model Ferrari 348 tb Challenge car (s/n ZFFRG35A6R0098858) in superb and correct condition, described by PB Bachman.
8The Ferrari Certification Program
The Ferrari Certification Program for the V-8 Models
10The Ferrari Certification Program
An ooutline & flow chart for America
11The Ferrari Certification Program
Basic questions & answers and the new text verbatim
The complete V8 Ferrari Market

Keith Bluemel and the Staff of Cavallino