Otto newsletter issue 6

September - October 2005

Language American English language icon American English
Author David Williams
Editor John W. Barns, Jr.
Publishing Cavallino, Inc.
Dimensions 16 pages, 206 x 276 mm

Between 2004 and 2006, Cavallino, Inc. published 9 issues of the Otto newsletter written by Ferrari expert Keith Bluemel, exploring the Ferrari 3 Series - 308, 328, 348, 355. A very handy and useful reference of extensive information on chassis, bodies, interiors and engines. Information on service, maintenance and repairs. Parts, restorations, and more. Complete specs, type numbers, chassis number ranges, etc.

Cover of Otto newsletter issue 6, September - October 2005

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1 Interiore ... Parte Due

Keith Bluemel

In OTTO 05 we covered the interior specifications for the Ferrari 308 and Mondial series of models; in this issue we continue the story with the Ferrari 328, 348 and F355 series of models.
12 Consorso Italiano 2005
3-series Ferraris en mass
V-8 Ferrari were plentiful at the recent Concorso Italiano, with legions of our favorite Ferrari stretching over hill and dale as far as the eye could see. These are not mere clichés, as it was impossible to stand in one spot and grasp all the three series Ferraris that were on the property.
Concorso Italiano embraces two full fairways of the Black Horse Country Club in Seaside, California, and Ferraris of all stripes, over 320 of them, took up a small part of one fairway but two thirds of the other.
14 Cavallino Classic at Concorso Italiano
Black Horse Country Club, Seaside, California, August 19, 2005

Tish Thinesen

14 The 2005 Greenwich Concours d'Elegance and the Concours Europa
Greenwhich, Connecticut, June 5-6, 2005