Otto newsletter issue 1

November - December 2004

LanguageAmerican English language icon American English
AuthorDavid Williams
EditorJohn W. Barns, Jr.
PublishingCavallino, Inc.
Dimensions16 pages, 206 x 276 mm

Between 2004 and 2006, Cavallino, Inc. published 9 issues of the Otto newsletter written by Ferrari expert Keith Bluemel, exploring the Ferrari 3 Series - 308, 328, 348, 355. A very handy and useful reference of extensive information on chassis, bodies, interiors and engines. Information on service, maintenance and repairs. Parts, restorations, and more. Complete specs, type numbers, chassis number ranges, etc.

Cover of Otto newsletter issue 1, November - December 2004

Table of Contents

Publisher's Introduction

John W. Barnes, Jr.

At Cavallino Magazine, we have always enjoyed the V-8 Series of Ferraris. They are, and have been, a very solid and stable part of the Ferrari line-up since 1974. They are all good looking, reasonably fast, and nicely affordable.
Even if overshadowed somewhat by their larger brethren at Ferrari, they can stand easily in their own right as perfectly exemplifying what a good italian sports car should look like, sound like, and perform like.
V-8 Introduction and Survey of all models

Keith Bluemel

When the first eight cylinder Ferrari road car hit the streets, it didn't even wear a Ferrari badge! At least not initially, as it was an addition to the V-6 Dino range, which although built alongside the twelve cylinder models of the period at the Ferrari Factory in Maranello, was being marketed as the separate Dino marque.