Ferrari 250 GTO

Osprey AutoHistory

LanguageEnglish language icon English
AuthorDavid Clarke
PhotographerMirco Decet
EditorTim Parker & Michael Sedgwick
PublishingOprey Publishing Limited, London, ISBN 0-85045-505-7, 1983
Dimensions136 pages, 193 x 220 mm

1962-64: Competition Berlinetta
No dictonary contains all the superlatives which have been heaped upon the Ferrari 250 GTO during bar-room chat and on the pages of the automotive press, there are just too many. And rightly so. Never has a car suffered so little criticism and justified so much unaltering praise. In short, this four wheeled sculpture is the pinnacle of postwar, traditional Italian automobile design. Some would say that aesthetically it has been downhill for Ferrari ever since...

Ferrari 250 GTO is a special book; distinctly a 'first' on the tireless subject. Author David Clarke, an erudite analyst, bought a GTO in the mid-1960s and ran it alonside a Lusso. David never raced it as such but used it on the road once he had made detail modifications to it to make it more 'comfortable'.

He carefully recorded all that he did to it both in a diary and on film. Since that time his own private company has worked on numerous GTOs doing anything and everything from a scheduled service to a complete body-off restoration. David therefore knows the GTO like the back of his hand. To round the book out are full development story, racing successes, specifications and road test material.

As part of the extensive series of Oprey AutoHistory books, there are 8 known issues highlighting particular Ferraris from the sixties, seventies and early eighties. Models covered include 12- and 8-cylinders Ferraris and the 6-cylinder Dinos.

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Table of Contents

17Design and Development
22The Die is Cast
32Workhorse or Gran Turismo?
74Racing at its best
98Personal Joy
119One careful driver