Ferrari World issue 8

September / October 1990

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Dimensions softcover, 80 pages, 211 x 298 mm

The English edition of Ferrari World Magazine was published between 1989 and 1997. Similar to the Italian and German edition of Ferrari World Magazine, it mainly features reports on events, contemporary and classic Ferrari models, contributed by reknown Ferrari experts and photographers.

Cover of Ferrari World issue 8, September / October 1990

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3 Editorial Editorial
The splendid Ferrari 1-2 result at the Mexican Grand Prix followed by the win at Silverstone have come as a tremendous boost to the team. It seemed like an age since drivers from Maranello occupied the top two places on the winner's podium.
5 Note Book Note Book
May - June 1990
8 Feature Beautiful and Brilliant
Ferrari 512 BB Berlinetta Boxer

Carlo Montanaro

... and also bold, basic, beastly, balanced, blue-blooded and belligerent.
14 Feature The BB and the lure of racing
Ferrari 512 BB Berlinetta Boxer

Franco Varisco

15 Feature The record of the Ferrari BB in the Le Mans 24-hour race
Ferrari 512 BB Berlinetta Boxer
19 Ferrari and ... Marcello Mastroianni

Simona Coppa

The leading car in the cinema of the sixties, the years of the economic miracle. A car needed to fill the screen, to underline the personality of an actor, or simply to be noticed.
22 Profile Battles won but the war lost
Nigel Mansell

Nicolas Dixey

Through determination and a blazing desire to win, Nigel Mansell reached the top in Formula 1. He has now decided to call it a day.
26 Book Reviews Book Reviews

Daniela Zacconi

30 Watches Hours, minutes, seconds...

Daniela Zacconi

Enzo Ferrari had always had a great passion for watches. He commissioned from the best names, and had them personalised with the Prancing Horse.
40 Exhibitions L'Idea Ferrari
Ferrari goes on show

Saverio Ciattini, Valerio Moretti, Pierluigi Cerri

Framed by the splendours of Florence, the first exhibition exclusively devoted to the long history of the Prancing Horse is being held at the Belvedere Fortress.
46 Feature The "salon" at Florence

Saverio Ciattini

Five red cars in one of the most exclusive and elegant streets in the world... And the people stop and look.
50 History The English Ferrari
Scuderia Eugenio Castellotti

Pino Corsi

In 1960, Enzo Ferrari handed over some engine to another Scuderia for the first time. Thus were born the 'Cooper-Eugenios', Formula 1 cars for two promising Italian drivers.
52 History Minardi with a Ferrari heart

Daniela Zacconi

Next season, 1991, Ferrari has decided to provide engines for the Scuderia Minardi. The team from Romagna will thus be able to mount the same V12 engine in its Formula 1 cars that the Prancing Horse uses at present in its single-seaters.
54 Ferrari Gallery Ferrari Gallery
58 Club On the wave of the Mille Miglia
Ferraristi Rezzato (Brescia)
A few kilometres from Brescia a passion with a Ferrari badge.
63 Photo Choice The 300 Km/hour lens

Franco Varisco

My father decided to take me to Brescia to watch the start of the Mille Miglia. It was April 1956 and as in every year it was time for the great race in Brescia.
68 Events 1st meeting for Siracusa and Ferrari
29th March - 1st April 1990
The relationship between Siracusa and Ferrari dates back to the 50s, when the Sicilian town used to organize Formula 1 Grand Prix on its famous circuit.
68 Events Ferrari in Sicily
Palermo 27 April - 2 May 1990
A little less than a month from the Syracuse rally, Palermo and its very active Club were the organisers in the 4th international 'Sicily in Ferrari' rally.
69 Events Navy Day Versilia '90
18-19-20 May 1990
A few month ago it was the turn of the Air Force, now the time has come for the Navy to associate its prestigious reputation with that of the most famous car-maker in the world.
72 Buyer's Guide Buyer's Guide

Nicola Cutrera