Ferrari World issue 16

January / February 1992

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Dimensions softcover, 80 pages, 211 x 298 mm

The English edition of Ferrari World Magazine was published between 1989 and 1997. Similar to the Italian and German edition of Ferrari World Magazine, it mainly features reports on events, contemporary and classic Ferrari models, contributed by reknown Ferrari experts and photographers.

Cover of Ferrari World issue 16, January / February 1992

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3 Editorial Editorial

Alessandro Giudice

Ayrton Senna has won his third World Championship. Driving with honour and skill, the Brazilian has shown once again that he's the best in Formula 1. So, viva Senna!
And what of Ferrari? That is another story. This has undoubtedly been a very difficult season for the Prancing Horse.
5 Books Books

Daniela Zacconi

8 Notebook Notebook
August - September
14 Feature Radical thinking

Enrico Benzing

This research prototype, produced in the late 1970s, was the result of collaboration between Pininfarina and Ferrari. It contributed to Formula 1 aerodynamic development in that period.
20 Profile An Italian in America
Luigi Chinetti

Athos Evangelisti

An expert driver, several times winner of the Le Mans 24 Hours and, above all, Ferrari's ambassador in America. That's an accurate but incomplete definition of Luigi Chinetti, one of the outstanding men in racing history.
26 Feature The Birth of a Legend
815 Auto Avio Costruzioni

Daniela Zacconi

Enzo Ferrari's first car is known by three figures because he could not give it his own name. It has a distinctive feature, though: an engine that's alive.
40 Feature What a Ribbon of Tarmac!
The Fiorano Circuit

Alessandro Giudice

For some 20 years it was at Ferrari's exclusive service. Fiorano is one of the most famous circuits in the world, yet it manages to survive without any Grand Prix racing.
46 Feature The Red Shark

Alessandro Salmeri

In the 1960s a unique powerboat was made, fitted with a 12-cylinder Ferrari engine.
52 Events Arriba Taruffi!
That was the day

Alberto Redaelli

An unusual interview with the winner of the 1951 Carrera Panamericana. Taruffi, Ascari and Villoresi, three of the four Ferrari drivers, were approached by a reporter on their arrival at Milan's Malpensa airport ...
60 Events Ferrari Mugello
Mugello, 22 September
In collaboration with Ferrari World, the Ferrari Club Italia held its annual rally at the Tuscan circuit in which some 200 cars and about 70 Ferrari Clubs from all over Italy took part.
62 Events Start at Le Mans at Silverstone
On 25 July, there was a rally for old Le Mans cars at Silverstone, England. Organised by the 96 Club, it aimed to bring together the most famous cars which had taken part in the French endurance race.
65 Events Coppa D'oro delle Dolomiti
After crews tackled the twisting roads of the Dolomites in driving rain, not to mention snow in preivous Coppa Dolomiti, everyone was glad to see the sun this year.
66 Events Second encounter for Syracuse and Ferrari
This year the members of the Ferrari Club of Syracuse decided to renew the ties which have traditionally linked this beautiful Sicilian town with Ferrari by holding the second 'Incontro Sicilia e Ferrari'.
67 Events Four racing artists
4 Artisti di Corsa
'Maranello Rosso' and the Palazzo Scrigno are two names which have become linked and known to all keen Ferraristi. They describe the important Ferrari collection housed in this ancient building in the heart of San Marino.
70 Style News Solo Ferrari
Orion Auction House

Daniela Zacconi

A murmur of surprise and admiration rose from the large crowd of connoisseurs and collectors. On the superscreen, historic photographs alternated with filmed shots showing the car in motion.
72 Club Circuit fans

Jim McLean

The members of the American Ferrari Owners Club, see themselves as the spiritual heirs to the competitive spirit characterised by Enzo Ferrari and his cars; so the events organised by the CLub have a distinctly competitive angle.