Ferrari World issue 14

September / October 1991

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Dimensions softcover, 80 pages, 211 x 298 mm

The English edition of Ferrari World Magazine was published between 1989 and 1997. Similar to the Italian and German edition of Ferrari World Magazine, it mainly features reports on events, contemporary and classic Ferrari models, contributed by reknown Ferrari experts and photographers.

Cover of Ferrari World issue 14, September / October 1991

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3 Editorial Editorial

Alessandro Giudice

The Ferrarista are on the increase. This might seem a bold observation in the present conditions, and appear without foundation - yet it's a reality which cannot be ignored. In fact, this new development should be considered in all its implications.
4 Book Reviews Book Reviews

Daniela Zacconi

8 Notebook Notebook
April - May 1991
12 Formula 1 Revolution at Maranello

Pino Allievi

On 16 May many changes took place at Ferrari's Racing Department. Piero Ferrari took the helm of the competition division, filling the place which his father had.
18 Profile The Calm Gentleman
Claudio Lombardi

Roberto Gremignani

Ferrari has yet again chosen their race director from the rallying world, Ing. Claudio Lombardi, who had already inherited Fiorio's job at Lancia, is now taking over from him again at Ferrari.
24 Feature A return to rag-tops
Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet, series I

Carlo Montanaro

At the 1956 Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari unveiled the prototype of an open-top car with bodywork by Boano on a 250 GT chassis - the first cabriolet to emerge from Maranello for a long time.
This is the story of the 40 'series I' cabriolets built by Pininfarina. The car was modified by Peter Collins and coveted by Aga Khan.
30 Feature Ferrari 250 GT series I cabriolet
Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet, series I, s/n 0961 GT

Carlo Montanaro

Giancarlo Galeazzi

36 Feature For a handful of Second
That was the day

Giancarlo Baghetti

Fresh from Grand Prix wins at Syracuse and Naples, Giancarlo Baghetti, racing for the first time in an event which counted towards the World Championship, brought off a spectacular surprise victory at Rheims.
44 A Car's Story But that's a Testa Rossa!
Ferrari 250 Testa Rosso, s/n 0726

Sandro Rinieri

How Stefano Sebastiani reacted when, almost by chance, he found the car we feature here abandoned in a field in South America
50 Curiosity A very special Cavallino

Ezio Pirazzini

The "Cavallino" restaurant, popular with lovers of good food, it seen as a monument to the marque by all Ferrari enthusiasts because of the many memories it holds of Enzo Ferrari.
58 Models Conti makes his finest model

Daniela Zacconi

Appreciated by collectors all over the world, Michele Conti introduces his latest and most intricate creation: the 1/2 scale Lancia D50
60 Events Sicily and Ferrari
The 50-plus crews who gathered in Palermo at the end of April for the fifth Sicilia in Ferrari more than lived up to the challenges set by the event.
61 Events Family Day at Mugello
There were nearly 2000 people present at the Mugello circuit. This was the so-called Family Day, the one that Ferrari devotes each year to all company employees at every level and their families.
61 Events Ferrari World 'lands' in Germany
On 15 June some 300 guests from the international Ferrari scene celebrated the official launch of the first German edition of 'Ferrari World'.
62 Events Exclusive Ferrari
9 - 11 May 1991
Elegance, art and passion are ageless, unaffected by the passing of time and events. On 9,10 and 11 May the city of Lucca, which has a hundred churches, hosted the sophisticated Exclusive Ferrari event.
62 Events Monza 1991
Meeting of the Ferrari Club Milano, 26 May 1991
For the meeting of the Ferrari Club Milano at the Monza Autodrome, Ferrari World organised the first Concours d'Elegance entirely reserved for cars built by the Maranello factory.
68 Style News Style News

Daniela Zacconi

70 Club Owners' Club Switzerland

Charles Jacquinet

Founded in 1972, the Bugatti-Ferrari Owners' Club Switzerland brings together and arranges events for a limited number of very carefully chosen members.