Ferrari World issue 12

May / June 1991

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Dimensions softcover, 80 pages, 211 x 298 mm

The English edition of Ferrari World Magazine was published between 1989 and 1997. Similar to the Italian and German edition of Ferrari World Magazine, it mainly features reports on events, contemporary and classic Ferrari models, contributed by reknown Ferrari experts and photographers.

Cover of Ferrari World issue 12, May / June 1991

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3 Editorial Editorial
18 February 1991

Alessandro Giudice

The skies are gloomy over the Tuscan countryside. A long, compact, smooth strip of tarmac seems to emerge from the mists which shroud the hills. It's a strange if not unusual place to show a Ferrari, particularly since this is the Formula 1 642, the latest weapon to be used by Maranello in the World Championship.
4 Note Book Note Book
December 1989 - January 1991
6 Profile Exciting times
Gastone Crepaldi

Carlo Montanaro

"A first class dealer" tells the story of his adventurous life with Enzo Ferrari. "When I chased Angelo Rizzoli", "Scaglietti's anger", and "The Commendatore's last gift"
12 Book Reviews Book Reviews

Daniela Zacconi

14 Formula 1 Alike yet Different
Ferrari 642 F1

Alberto Sabbatini

Why the new Ferrari 642 is so much like the single-seaters of the previous years.
18 Feature Almost a Ferrari
Dino 246 - Dino 246

Cristiano Zaffaroni

This was the rather patronising way in which the Dino was described in Ferrari's brochure. In fact, it was a Gran Turismo with true Emilian blood, capable of satisfying even the most demanding drivers. Even Enzo Ferrari had great confidence in its performance.
24 Feature Fathers and sons
Dino 246 - Dino 246

Gino Rancati

30 Feature One name, one hundred stories
Dino 246 - Dino 246
32 Formula 1 The Prancing Lion club

Pino Allievi

Apparently born of a joke, one of the most celebrated 'marriages' in Ferrari's history actually resulted from esteem accorded by Maranello's directors for the headstrong 'lad' from Faenza.
36 Technical One of our pedals is missing
Driving the Mondial automatic

Franco Nugnes

After various test, mostly on the race-track, the automatic clutch, designed by Valeo for Ferrari is finally going into production, and with it, the red car from Maranello loses a pedal.
42 Feature The comfort of a drawing-room at 155 miles per hour
Ferrari Mondial T

Pippo Artioli

Four passengers can very easily and comfortably travel at great speed in the Mondial. And, as if that were not enough, the Ferrari Mondial has also had the honour of being the first to carry all Maranello's innovations.
46 A Car's Story Plenty of determination and total reliability
Ferrari 348 Challenge

David Cottingham

46 A Car's Story The debutante
Ferrari 348 Challenge

Peter Collard

The Ferrari 348 proved it to us: on its first appearance on the circuit, it won in grand style. Here is the story of how a top-class road car was transformed into a fearful adversary on the track.
52 Feature The Red Arrow
Cagiva - Ferrari engineering

Enrico Minazzi

Two important Italian names unite in a project to produce a revolutionary carbonfibre frame.
56 Restoration A Matter of Leather

Daniela Zacconi

Ermanno and Romano Luppi, specialist leather workers for more than 20 years, are among the most qualified and sought-after restorers of interiors of high-class cars, especially those from Maranello.
62 Ferrari Gallery Ferrari Gallery
65 That was the Day Sicilian Red
Siracusa, 11.3.1951

Giorgio Terruzzi

40 years ago, on the circuit of Syracuse, a series of Grands Prix began, where Ferrari won 11 victories.
74 Style News Style News

Daniela Zacconi

78 Photo Choice Space-age Ferrari
Prost at the Monaco Grand Prix - 1990

Ferruccio Falletti