Ferrari World issue 1

June / Juli 1989

Language English language icon English
Dimensions softcover, 64 pages, 211 x 298 mm

The English edition of Ferrari World Magazine was published between 1989 and 1997. Similar to the Italian and German edition of Ferrari World Magazine, it mainly features reports on events, contemporary and classic Ferrari models, contributed by reknown Ferrari experts and photographers.

Cover of Ferrari World issue 1, June / Juli 1989

Table of Contents

Page Section Description
1 Summary Summary
3 Editorial Editorial
Every time a new magazine appears on the market, it assures the readers that it will cover a field ignored by other publications, that its approach is totally new and that it fills an important gap in the field of publishing.
4 Note Book Note Book
January - March 1989
7 Events & Meetings Events & Meetings
May - October 1989
8 Book Review Book Review
10 Profile A new Ferrari but still a Ferrari
All the Company's Men
The names are changing, and the roles, but the atmosphere of the Maranello factory retains that thread of tradition which links it to the past.
14 Feature Front Page Star
Ferrari F40

Giorgio Terruzzi

Few cars to have emerged from the Ferrari stable in the past 40 years have evoked quite such a mix of awe and respect as the Ferrari F40.
And non have made greater demands on driving skill. This is no car for the timid or inexperienced. In such hands it could be lethal.
So here we bring together some first reactions of the world's most experienced motoring journalists.
24 Feature How the F40 got its name
Ferrari F40

Gino Rancati

26 Feature F40 Le Mans
Ferrari F40

Daniele P.M. Pellegrini

The competition model of the F40 could have been called "Evoluzione" like the GTO, or "race tuned", but in fact the name "Le Mans" was chosen. This is much more appropriate: it best captures the spirit of the car and evokes memories of outstanding successes from the past.
28 Profile Following in the footsteps of a Legend
Piero Lardi Ferrari

Pino Allievi

He entered the world of Ferrari with cautious steps: mediating, working behind the scenes, accepting rebuffs without complaint. Working next to Ferrari cannot have been easy either as a subordinate or as a son.
34 Feature The most beautiful in the World
Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

Carlo Montanaro

Pinin Farina rounded of the Ferrari 250 dynasty with this masterpiece.
44 Feature "...I have killed my mother"
Silverstone, 14.7.51

Athos Evangelisti

The Maranello constructor, thanks principally to the 4.5 litre V-12 engine, defeated his great rivals at Alfa Romeo for the first time in 1951. At the end of the season Alfa gave up racing.
50 History Forty years on the Circuit
1950 - 1989

Mauro Mori

Competitors change. But, since 1950, Ferrari has been the only team to have taken part every year in the technological challenge that is the Formula One World Championship.
52 Formula 1 Formula One Championship
Jacarepaguà, 26th March 1989
55 Buyer's Guide Buyer's Guide

Nicola Cutrera

With this issue we start a complete review of the entire Ferrari production since it began, examining all Grand Touring cars both for competition and for road use. This is a useful guide to the production that will help you to compare technical data, production numbers, and other relevant information.
59 Red Pages Red Pages
61 Gadgets Gadgets

Claudia Galimberti

62 Production Numbers Production Numbers
Ferrari V12 odd serial numbers
63 Photo Choice The only time on the Prancing Horse

F. Varisco

Jim Clark in a Ferrari: an impossible dram. Yet, only once, Clark got onto a Ferrari car, if only in the impossible role of "passenger"