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First Drive Ferrari California

Aaron Jenkins

It may be a GT, but Ferrari's newest model features some very sporting hardware, including a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox.
Formula 1 Hollywood Ending 2008 season finale

Andrew Frankl

If the race to this year's F1 title had been a movie, no one would have believed it- the last 20 seconds of the season decided it all!
People The Old Guard Tony Brooks interview

Steve Havelock

Bernard Cahier, Steve Havelock

We talk with former Scuderia driver Tony Brooks, one of the few remaining 1950s Grand Prix drivers, who nearly won the 1959 F1 World Championship in his Ferrari Dino and recall his time with Scuderia Ferrari.
Comparison Boxer Rebellion Ferrari 512 BBi versus Ferrari Testarossa

Zachary Mayne

Zachary Mayne

With mid-mounted flat-12 engines, the Boxer Berlinetta and Testarossa modernized Ferrari's road-car lineup. In their day, the Boxer and the Testarossa were among the fastest and coolest cars on the road. How do they hold up today?
Technology Pushing the Envelope Ferrari's prototype engines

Karl Ludvigsen

Ferrari has produced some of the most exciting engines of the last 50-plus years. Not every design came to fruition, however.
Road Test Are You Experienced? Ferrari F40

Zachary Mayne

Two decades on, the F40 still delivers a uniquely thrilling driving experience.
Events The Elegant Concours The Quail concours

Howard V. Koby

Looking for something different during Pebble Beach Week? Check out The Quail.
Racing Fight to the Finish ALMS: 2008 season finale

Peter Brock

The ALMS GT2 title chase might not have gone down to the wire, but the racing did.
Market Update The Classic 2+2s

Michael Sheehan

Prices for Ferrari's four-seaters from the '50s to the '80s hold steady.

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Cover of Forza Magazine issue 91, FEBRUARY 2009