Forza Magazine issue 89


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Road Trip Golden Years Ferrari F430 Spider tackles the Alps

Aaron Jenkins

In the 1950s, Italy was a hotbed of open-road racing. We relive the olden days in a modern Ferrari F430 Spider.
History Vintage Performance 1935 Alfa Romeo P3

William Edgar

Before he built his own cars, Enzo Ferrari raced Alfa Romeos-including one very famous P3 that won the 1935 German GP.
Events Scuderia Goodwood Goodwood Festival of Speed

Steve Havelock

The 2008 Festival of Speed featured a fascinating stable of F1 Ferraris.
Formula 1 Silver Streak McLaren takes control

Andrew Frankl

It's been a topsy-turvy season so far, but one team now seems to have taken control. Unfortunately, it's not Ferrari.
Classics Champion's Choice Ferrari 330 GTC

Zachary Mayne

Zachary Mayne

The 330 GTC is widely regarded as one of the best Ferrari road cars of the 1960s. How good is the Ferrari 330 GTC? Good enough for one World Champion to call it "the best." There's only one way to get the full story…
Events Neither Rain nor Gloom... Mille Miglia Storica

Johan Lemercier

David Gooley, Johan Lemercier

The Mille Miglia might not be easy, but it's an experience not to be missed. We follow the Mille Miglia from the best seat in the house: the passenger's.
Powered by Ferrari Flashback Michalak Concisco

Arnaud Meunier

One automotive designer crafts a modern homage to Ferrari's classic sporting roadsters.
History Hometown Rivalry - part XVII Ferrari versus Maserati

Karl Ludvigsen

In the final installment of the series, the Maserati brothers take on Enzo Ferrari's Grand Prix race cars one last time. Guess who wins?
Market Report Ferrari V8s Part II

Michael Sheehan

The Mondials and 348s remain steady, while the F355s and 360s fall.

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Cover of Forza Magazine issue 89, NOVEMBER 2008