Forza Magazine issue 83


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Contemporaries Instant Classic Ferrari Enzo supercar

Ian Kuah

Its not every day you get to drive a legend. We take a fresh look at the ultimate Ferrari supercar, the Enzo.
Formula 1 Mission: Impossible Ferrari wins both titles!

Andrew Frankl

Paul-Henri Cahier

Against overwhelming odds, Kimi Raikkonen wins the 2007 drivers title in the final race of the season.
History Brute Force Ferrari 750 Monza

Eric Jacobs

While Ferraris 12-cylinder models receive the most attention today, four-cylinder cars like the 750 Monza enjoyed plenty of success.
People Much Ado about Aldo Aldo Brovarone interview

Daniel Tomicic

We talk with Aldo Brovarone about his decades as an automotive designer.
Racing The Wrecking Crew ALMS season wrap-up

Peter Brock

Ferrari, Risi Competizione and drivers Mika Salo and Jaime Melo win all three titles in the 2007 American Le Mans Series.
Technology Red goes Green Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems

Pete Vack

Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems are coming to Formula 1, as well as to Ferraris road cars. We explore the hybrid landscape.
Classics Still Racing... Ferrari 312 PB

William Edgar

One enthusiast returns to vintage racing in Ferrari style. His car of choice?? S/n 0880, the oldest existing 312 PB.
Market Report The Classic Ferrari 2+2s

Michael Sheehan

We investigate current pricing for Ferraris family cars, from the 250 GTE to the 412.

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Cover of Forza Magazine issue 83, FEBRUARY 2008