Forza Magazine issue 76

APRIL 2007

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Dimensions 214 x 275 mm

Road Trips Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

Dan Carney, Andrew Frankl

What’s better than a day in the most powerful production Ferrari ever? How about two, on either side of the Atlantic?
Events Grazie Michael! Ferrari World Finals at Monza

Chris McNeil

Michael Schumacher’s send-off was the big news at the Ferrari World Finals, but the on-track action was worth the trip, too.
Market Report Ferrari 250 GTs Part I

Michael Sheehan

We investigate current prices for the Boano, Ellena, PF Coupe, PF Cab and Lusso.
Formula 1 Future Tense Green Technology

Andrew Frankl

The F1 off-season is usually filled with intrigue, but this year everything is merry and bright, as the FIA and teams make nice over new tech.
Powered by Ferrari Theme Song Ferrari-engined Lancia Thema

Martin Buckley

In the mid-1980s, Ferrari fans who needed a family sedan could turn to the Lancia Thema 8.32, which featured the 308’s V8 under its hood.
People Stirling Silver Stirling Moss’ Ferrari drives

Steve Havelock

Steve Havelock, Bernhard Cahier

He never raced for the Ferrari factory, but Stirling Moss enjoyed great success in its cars. Stirling Moss finished second in the F1 World Championship three times, but the Briton regularly took gold in privateer Ferrari sports cars.
Contemporaries Double Duty Mondial t Cabriolet

Zachary Mayne

Zachary Mayne

Despite its touring orientation, the Mondial t Cabriolet delivers an impressive dose of performance. From highways to back roads, the Mondial t Cabriolet delivers the goods.
Design Tailor Made Ferrari 166 Inter coachbuilders

Arnaud Meunier

We explore the work of the carrozzeriers that clothed Ferrari’s first road car, the 166 Inter.
History Survival of the Fittest 1965 Le Mans retrospective

Bill Oursler

Both Ford and Ferrari expected to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1965—but neither could have foreseen the eventual outcome.

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Cover of Forza Magazine issue 76, APRIL 2007