Forza Magazine issue 72


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Dimensions 214 x 275 mm

Exclusive Zagato 575 GTZ

Winston Goodfellow

After teasing audiences at the Geneva Auto Show, Zagato unveils its latest Ferrari creation at the Villa d’Este concours.
Market Report Ferrari V6s and V8s Part I

Michael Sheehan

FORZA investigates what it takes to get into a Dino 206/246, 308 GT4, 308 or 328.
Racing Italian Alchemy FIA GT and GT3 at Silverstone

Steve Havelock

First there was the FIA GT Championship. Now say hello to its little brother: the action-packed, highly competitive GT3 series.
Classics Color Blind Ex-Steve McQueen Lusso

Giancarlo Rosetti

Evan Klein, William Claxton

Mike Regalia wanted the best all-original Lusso available. He got it, and as a bonus, it just happened to have a famous first owner.
Formula 1 Summertime Blues Renault strikes back

Andrew Frankl

Halfway through the 2006 F1 season, Scuderia Ferrari finds itself falling ever further behind Renault.
Road Test Family Ties Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT

Giancarlo Rosetti

Maserati SpA

The Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT is the best-looking sedan around. Thanks to its Ferrari heritage, it’s also one of the best to drive.
Events California Dreamin' Ferrari Challenge Rally

Aaron Jenkins

Open roads and blue skies by day, resorts and fine dining by night, and 30+ Ferraris? We tag along on the Ferrari Challenge Rally.
History Hometown Rivalry - part VIII Ferrari versus Maserati

Karl Ludvigsen

The rivals were already armed with Grand Prix machines and 2-liter sports cars, but the introduction of the 3-liter Ferrari 750 Monza and Maserati 300S made the feud even more bitter.

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Cover of Forza Magazine issue 72, OCTOBER 2006