Forza Magazine issue 69

MAY 2006

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Dimensions214 x 275 mm

Classics The Ambassador Ferrari 166 Barchetta

Andy Saunders

From its early days on the front lines of European racing to its later life on the vintage circuit, this 166 Barchetta has brought goodwill to Ferrari for more than 50 years.
Special Top Ten Most Significant Ferraris
Forza's panel of experts names the cars that created the Ferrari mystique.
Events The Summit 51 Ferrari Enzos on Tour

Johann Lemercier

Ferrari SpA

No one, not even the factory, had ever seen so many Enzos together. Welcome to the Maranello-Mugello Trophy tour.
Classics Preserving America Ferrari 410 Superamerica

Mark Brewer

Chris Ocken

At first glance, this 410 SA looks fully restored, but about the only things that aren’t original on this 410 Superamerica are the brake lines and floor mats.
People A Snapper's Tale F1 photographer Keith Sutton

Andrew Frankl

He started out developing his own film in a garage to save money; today, Keith Sutton is one of F1's best-known photographers.
Customs Vision Quest Ferrari 365 GTC/4

Mike Covello

Most of us would be satisfied with owning a stock Ferrari, but one 365 GTC/4 owner decided his prancing horse needed a make-over. So the roof came off, the interior came out, and ...
Big Green Ferraris Thin Wall Special

Karl Ludvigsen

Briton Tony Vandervell's bearings saved Enzo Ferrari's 1.5-liter V12, so the grateful Italian sold the Englishman a series of race cars. These machines made their mark in the UK as the 'Thin Wall Specials'.

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Cover of Forza Magazine issue 69, MAY 2006