Forza Magazine issue 60

APRIL 2005

LanguageAmerican English language icon American English
Dimensions214 x 275 mm

Ferrari Superamerica
Ferrari reintroduces a revered name for a 575M Maranello with more power and a novel folding hardtop made of glass.
Going for Broke

Dom Miliano

This 375 MM Spyder cost its owner every penny he had, but he got his money’s worth.
Sibling Rivalry

Zachary Mayne

The 328 and Mondial are closely related under the skin, but a back-to-back drive uncovers some significant differences.
Monza on my Mind

Doug Peterson

Longtime 360 Challenge contender Doug Peterson reveals what it’s like to race in the Ferrari-Maserati World Finals.
Delayed Gratification

Mark Brewer

An ex-Chris Amon/Vittorio Brambilla Dino 166 F2 car returns to the racetrack after a long and difficult restoration.
Seeing Red

Harold Pace

Red isn’t just for cars—the artists of the Automotive Fine Art Society think it’s the perfect color for paintings, sculptures and more.
Formula 1 Taste of Things to Come

Andrew Frankl

The racing may have paused, but the teams are still going flat-out.
The Garage Gang

John Clinard

Norman Silver collected many significant Ferraris—then shared them with local teenagers!
European Expansion

Arnaud Meunier

Europe goes endurance racing with the four-race Le Mans Endurance Series.

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Cover of Forza Magazine issue 60, APRIL 2005