Forza Magazine issue 59


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Coming to America

William Edgar

William Edgar

Monterey Historics fans raved about the Ferrari F1 cars, but not many knew the hows and whys behind their visit. We find out.
Unintended Preservation

Mike Covello

Mike Covello

Everyone’s got a story about a bad mechanic, but this one spans the decades. Luckily, it has a happy ending.
First Drive Ferrari F430

Aaron Jenkins

How do you improve on an icon like the 360 Modena? Just like you’d expect: Spice up the looks, button down the handling and add 90 hp.
Todt takes the Wheel

Andrew Frankl

After 11 years managing Ferrari’s F1 team, Jean Todt needed a new challenge; now he’s responsible for the road-car division, too.
American Splendor

Paul Jansen

Is the grass really greener on the other side of the pond? One European visitor casts an inquisitive eye on the FCA concours in Monterey.
Waiting for Enzo

George Avgerakis

Finding the right Ferrari ain’t easy: One tifosi recalls the trials and tribulations of his hunt for the perfect 308.
Formula 1 Icing on the Cake

Andrew Frankl

Despite claiming both championships and facing new challenges from determined opposition, Ferrari stays on top.
Hometown Rivalry - part V

Karl Ludvigsen

The mid-1950s saw Ferrari and Maserati continue to battle in the 2-liter sports-car arena. In the end, one marque emerged as the clear winner.

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Cover of Forza Magazine issue 59, FEBRUARY 2005