Forza Magazine issue 45

MAY 2003

LanguageAmerican English language icon American English
Dimensions214 x 275 mm

Events The Gauthier Classic Fabulous desert roads, food, entertainment and Ferraris in Arizona

Winston Goodfellow

Events Desert Delight

Winston Goodfellow

Want to combine a Ferrari romp with a deluxe tour of the desert Southwest? Consider the Gauthier Classic, at which supercar owners flit from spa to spa in search of the perfect backroads.
Show & Race Ferraris win at Tour de Espanã

Nicolas Pozner / Anthony Pozner

Show & Race Early Monoposto appears at Ennstall-Classic

Helmut Schnug

Show & Race FCA into the wild blue yonder

Ken Vendley

Show & Race Ferrari take Best in Show at Winter Park Concours

Aaron Jenkins

Shop talk Shoptalk with Giuseppe

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Cover of Forza Magazine issue 45, MAY 2003

Table of Contents

4PeopleGianni Agnelli
34ConceptsZagato's Secret Ferrari's
Ferrari FZ93 shown at Geneva in 1993

Winston Goodfellow

40ConceptsZagato's Secret Ferrari's
Ferrari 348 Zagato Elaborazione

Genevieve Obert

44RestorationFerrari F40 LM resurrected
Roland Linder bought his Ferrari as a charred wreck. Five years on, he's got a fire-breathing F40!
50On the RoadGood Things come...
Ferrari 250 GT Lusso (s/n 5695 GT)

Andy Saunders

A visit with a down-to-earth Lusso owner who made his childhood dream come true.
56Formula 1The Lean Years - part II
The pre-Michael drought (1986 - 1995)

Andrew Frankl

62Formula 1Farewell to Spa
The greatest of all Grand Prix tracks is off the calendar this year

Andrew Frankl

66HistoryHometown Rivalry
Ferrari 125 GP versus Maserati 4CLT/48

Karl Ludvigsen

The battles between Maserati and Ferrari started as soon as the racecars left Modena for the wide world beyond.
74HistoryASA: The Quasi-Ferrari

Ray Thursby

Ferrari knew better than to put his name on a high-volume, small-capacity car, but this little gem has Ferrari's mark all over it.
96Rearview MirrorDavid versus Goliath at Sacremento, 1956
Ferrari 500 TR

Don Meacham