Forza Magazine issue 43


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Forza magazine reports since 1996 on Ferrari automobiles, history, racing, personalities and news. Your best resource on Ferraris, published 8 times a year. Forza Magazine is designed for Ferrari automobile owners and enthusiasts. Issues include track reports, reviews, current news, renovation information, photographs, and articles on the history of Ferraris.

Cover of Forza Magazine issue 43, FEBRUARY 2003

Table of Contents

10HistoryDino 246 SP (s/n 0790)
14Show & RaceFerrari 250 GTO's gather for birthday celebration
40. Anniversaire de la 250 GTO
France, 9 - 13 September 2002

16Show & RaceMeissner hosts grand Ferrari weekend at Spa
9. Modena Motorsport Trackdays
Belgium, 10 - 11 July 2002

18Show & RaceFerraris impress cadets at West Point concours
22Show & RaceLeopold & Lusso take honors at European Concours
24Show & RaceTjaarda dicusses design at Long Beach concours
28BooksA superb look at Enzo Ferrari

Richard Williams

32Shop TalkShifting Fortunes


42HistoryLa Ferrari Perónista
Ferrari 212 Inter Ghia (s/n 0191 EL)

Genevieve Obert

This stunning Ferrari 212 Inter Ghia embodies all the romance of 1950's Argentina.
48PeopleKen Okuyama, Enzo Designer
The Japanese-born designer of some of Italy's most famous cars talks about the Ferrari Enzo.

Andy Saunders

54TechnologySculpted by the Wind
The Ferrari 360 Modena's sensuous curves photographed and dissected.

Jackie Jouret

Klaus Schnitzer

60Road TestMaserati Coupe in the U.S.
After driving the new Coupe in Italy, it's time to see how it performs over here.

Giancarlo Rosetti

66HistoryA Ferrari by any other Name
A look at the ATS, the would-be Ferrari rival that followed the Walkout in 1961.

Winston Goodfellow

75Formula OneThe Dream Season
Two titles and total dominance: a look at the final races of the amazing 2003 season.

Andrew Frankl

80RacingPassion beyond Formula One
After years away from the sports car circuit, the Ferraris are back.

Richard Prince

84MaintenanceRebuilt just like new
Make your V8 run like a champ again. Follow along as James Patterson wrenches a Ferrari 308.

Harold Pace

104Rearview MirrorThe Rat Pack goes to Sebring, 1957