Forza Magazine issue 204

APRIL 2023

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PublishingRoss Periodicals Inc.
Dimensions214 x 275 mm

The Vanguard SF90 vs 296
We sample Ferrari’s first two series- production hybrids: the SF90 and 296.
Adaptation Dino 206 GT

Matt Stone

Mel Stone

This Dino 206 GT won its class at Pebble Beach—and it drives even better than it looks.
The Alchemist Ferdinando Cannizzo on 296 GT3
Ferdinando Cannizzo oversaw the development of the new 296 GT3 race car.
The Milanese Connection ASA 1000 GT

Karl Ludvigsen

Ludvigsen Library

What has a Ferrari-designed engine and chassis but is neither a Ferrari nor a Dino?
Architect of the Golden Age Mauro Forghieri remembered
The late Mauro Forghieri masterminded Ferrari’s racing cars for nearly 30 years.
T2 How-To 312 T2 care and feeding
It takes more than regular oil changes to keep a 46-year-old F1 car on track.
Formula One Changing of the Guard
Scuderia Ferrari signs a new team boss after a disappointing 2022 season.

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Cover of Forza Magazine issue 204, APRIL 2023