Forza Magazine issue 200


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PublishingRoss Periodicals Inc.
Dimensions214 x 275 mm

Return of an Icon Ferrari 812 GTS
Nearly five decades after Ferrari's last V12 Spider, the 812 GTS roars into the role.
Reinvention Changing face of Ferrari
Since FORZA began publishing, Ferrari, like its cars, has been moving fast.
Great Reads Our favorite Ferrari stories
We look back at our favorite stories from FORZA's first 199 issues.
Driving Force F40 vs SF90 Stradale

Matt Zuchowski

Andrzej Cieplik

There are more similarities between the F40 and SF90 than you might think.
Rarities Ferrari Sergio
A Pininfarina show car became one of the rarest Ferraris of the 2000s.
Tifosi No-Sale Blues No-Sale Blues

Steve Temple

Steve Temple

When it was time to buy a dream machine, this English-car enthusiast chose Italian.
Formula One Good Times, Bad Times 25 Years of Ferrari F1
Remembering the best and worst of Scuderia Ferrari's last quarter century.

Forza magazine reports since 1996 on Ferrari automobiles, history, racing, personalities and news. Your best resource on Ferraris, published 8 times a year. Forza Magazine is designed for Ferrari automobile owners and enthusiasts. Issues include track reports, reviews, current news, renovation information, photographs, and articles on the history of Ferraris.

Cover of Forza Magazine issue 200, OCTOBER 2022