Forza Magazine issue 199


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Road Trip The Odyssey Ferrari 458 Spider
This 458 covered more than 1,200 off-road miles during a 72-day road trip.
First look Let the Sunshine In Ferrari 296 GTS
How do you improve on the 830-hp 296 GTB? Remove its roof, of course.
Fresh Recipe RML's SWB restomod
Rather than build its retro sports car from scratch, RML started with a 550 Maranello.
Buyer's Guide Savior Ferrari F355

David Bush

Prices for the F355, one of our favorite V8 Ferraris, are climbing fast.
Market Update Boom, Bust, Repeat Boom, Bust, Repeat
Like 2020’s decline, 2022’s rise in Ferrari values is nothing new.
Interview The Veteran Giancarlo Fisichella

David Haueter

After 15 years in Formula 1, Giancarlo Fisichella began racing Ferrari sport cars.
Formula One Charles in charge
With three pole positions and two race wins, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc leads the title chase.

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Cover of Forza Magazine issue 199, AUGUST 2022