Forza Magazine issue 187


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First drive Benchmark Ferrari 812 GTS

Ben Barry

Aston Parrot

The 812 GTS looks like a GT but drives like a supercar.
Driver's Choice F430 stick-shift
What’s better than an F430? An F430 with Ferrari’s traditional open-gate shifter.
Flashback Ferrari California
Scorned by purists but loved by buyers, the California transformed Ferrari’s lineup.
Made to Order 250 SWB Revival replica
The 250 SWB Revival delivers all the driving thrills of the original.
Buyer's Guide Versatility Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 2+2

Ferrari SpA

The 540-hp 612 Scaglietti upped the ante of Maranello’s four-seaters.
Life Changer A Man and his Mondial
Ten years ago, one enthusiast made a fateful decision: He bought his first Ferrari.
Remembering Michael Michael Schumacher retrospective
Forget the records: There’s never been an F1 driver like Michael Schumacher.
Formula One Risk Assessment New Gambles
For 2021, Ferrari decides to gamble on a new power unit and a new junior driver.

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Cover of Forza Magazine issue 187, FEBRUARY 2021