Forza Magazine issue 186


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First drive New Direction Ferrari Roma

Chris Chilton

Ferrari SpA

Unlike the rest of Ferrari’s lineup, the Roma prioritizes elegance over aggression.
First look Transference Portofino M
The updated Portofino M sports the Roma’s 620-hp engine and 8-speed transmission.
Breathtaking Stradale vs Scuderia vs Speciale
Which is most memorable: the Challenge Stradale, 430 Scuderia, or 458 Speciale?
Buyer's Guide Reboot Ferrari 360
Ferrari’s first modern sports car, the 360, offers fantastic bang for the buck.
Shake Up 2020 IMSA season roundup
Many months after the IMSA season began in Daytona, the competition finally resumes.
Milestone Ferrari reaches 1,000th Grand Prix
More than seven decades after its first race, Ferrari reaches its 1,000th Grand Prix.
Formula One The Long Run
The Scuderia’s worst season in decades continues, with little hope for change.

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Cover of Forza Magazine issue 186, DECEMBER 2020