Forza Magazine issue 184


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First drive Magic Trick Ferrari SF90 Stradale
The SF90 Stradale is one second faster around Fiorano than the LaFerrari.
The 200-mph Club F40 vs Ruf Yellow Bird

Lukas Hambrecht

Christian Herb

Fast, loud, and turbocharged—the F40 meets the infamous Ruf Yellow Bird.
Snowball 365 GTC/4 restoration

Richard Prince

Richard Prince

An unforeseen engine problem transformed a tune-up into a full-car renewal.
Flashback Ferrari 456 GT 2+2 Ferrari 456 GT 2+2
In the early 1990s, the 456 reinvented the four-seat Ferrari.
Dauntless 1956 Bardahl-Ferrari Indy car
The Bardahl-Ferrari combined Italian and American know-how.
Balanced Performance Davide Rigon interview
We talk with factory driver Davide Rigon, who tests F1 cars and races GTs.
Formula One Summer start
Sebastian Vettel’s out, Carlos Sainz is in, and racing’s about to resume.

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Cover of Forza Magazine issue 184, OCTOBER 2020