Forza Magazine issue 175


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First look Outer Limits Ferrari P80/C
Ferrari unveils its first one-off track car, the P80/C—and it’s stunning.
The Everyman The man behind the "Ratarossa"

Aaron Jenkins

James Mann

One enthusiast shares his hands-on, DIY approach to Ferrari ownership.
The Big 40 Alloy-bodied 275 GTB
This 99.5-point alloy-bodied 275 GTB has been in the same hands since the 1980s.
Creating Ferrari's First Championships Aurelio Lampredi profile

Karl Ludvigsen

Ludvigsen Library

Aurelio Lampredi reinvented Ferrari’s Grand Prix program in the late 1940s and early ’50s.
Reaching the Heights 2018 FCA Coppa GT competition
We follow the Coppa GT competition at the 2018 FCA Annual Meet.
The Racing Years, Part 2 Ferrari and Michelotto go GT racing, Part 2
The collaboration between Ferrari and Michelotto continues into the new century.
Best of Both Worlds 2019 Sebring spectacular
Sebring hosts a spectacular IMSA and FIA motorsport doubleheader.
Formula One Kings of the Hill Great Ferrari F1 wins
We look back at some of Ferrari’s finest Grand Prix victories.
Formula One Paper Tiger Scuderia struggles
Scuderia Ferrari struggles against the mighty Silver Arrows of Mercedes.

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Cover of Forza Magazine issue 175, AUGUST 2019