Forza Magazine issue 168


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EditorAaron Jenkins
PublishingRoss Periodicals Inc.
Dimensions214 x 275 mm

One-off Old-School Modern Ferrari SP38
Ferrari’s newest one-off, the SP38, was inspired by the F40.
First drive Wish Fulfillment Ferrari 488 Pista

Chris Chilton

Ferrari SpA

Think the 488 GTB is impressive? Just wait until you get a taste of the Pista.
Divergence 328 GTB vs GTB Turbo

Matt Zuchowski

Blazej Zulawski

We drive the 328 GTB alongside its 2-liter Italian-market cousin, the GTB Turbo.
Things to Come Ferrari 225 Sport
After a fraught childhood, this 225 Sport returned to competition in the early 2000s.
Market Update Off the Block Market Update
With the market softening, auction houses look for new ways to move cars.
American Odyssey [part 1] Phil Hill's photography
When he wasn’t driving, Phil Hill kept busy photographing the racing world.
New World Miguel Molina interview
Factory driver Miguel Molina enters the Pirelli World Challenge.
Formula One Trading Places Ferrari vs Mercedes
Ferrari and Mercedes fight for the title, swapping race wins as they go.

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Cover of Forza Magazine issue 168, OCTOBER 2018