Forza Magazine issue 157

MAY 2017

LanguageAmerican English language icon American English
EditorAaron Jenkins
PublishingRoss Periodicals Inc.
Dimensions214 x 275 mm

Super Stock Ferrari 550 Maranello
David Wilson needed a fast car to show students the fast way around a racetrack.
Formula One Italian Hertiage Ferrari 1512 F1 car

George Avgerakis

Ferrari’s 1512 didn’t make much of a mark in 1965, but now one is back on track.
Museum Piece This rare Ferrari 195 S has lived in Portugal’s Meseu do Caramulo since 1968

Robb Pritchard

More than 65 years after it was built, this 195 Inter has covered less than 4,000 miles.
Scattershot 2017 Scottsdale auctions
Prices ranged from too high to too low to just right in Scottsdale.
Tech Clutch Play Dual-clutch transmission
Today’s F1 transmission bears little resemblance to its predecessor.
Frustrating Finish 2017 24-Hours of Daytona
On the 30th anniversary of its victory at Daytona, Ferrari scores a class podium.
Dream Drive Ferrari 250 GT SWB
Marc Devis has competed in his special 250 GT SWB since the early 2000s.
FORZA Tifosi Challenge Big Red Rookie season
Eileen Bildman recounts her rookie race in the FORZA Tifosi Challenge.

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Cover of Forza Magazine issue 157, MAY 2017