Forza Magazine issue 150

JUNE 2016

LanguageAmerican English language icon American English
EditorAaron Jenkins
PublishingRoss Periodicals Inc., ISSN 1093-0949
Dimensions214 x 275 mm

Back to the Future
To celebrate 60 years in the United States, Ferrari builds ten topless 780-hp F12s.
Then and Now
Ferrari has changed a lot over the past two decades. We look at some of the highlights.
Triple Crown
In 2010, Ferrari applied XX know-how to the GTB and created the 599 GTO.
Ferrari 550 Maranello
When it was time to replace the Testarossa, Maranello chose a retro route.
Competition Conversion Jim Busby builds the 400i race car Ferrari never did

William Edgar

Nate Hassler

One lifelong racer turned a ratty 400i road car into a pristine track machine.
Revolution Ferrari reinvented itself with the Berlinetta Boxer, the company’s first mid-engine 12-cylinder road car
In the early 1970s, Ferrari jumped into the mid-engine melee with the Berlinetta Boxer.
Back on Track
This 500 Mondial spent the first five years of its life racing in East Africa.
Swiss Connection
Before he built cars to fight Maranello, Peter Monteverdi was a Ferrari racer and importer.
F1 The Rubber Down Under
The Australian GP features a surprise battle between Ferrari and Mercedes.
Race of Champions
The 2016 FORZA Tifosi Challenge kicks off at Sebring.

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Cover of Forza Magazine issue 150, JUNE 2016