Forza Magazine issue 142

JUNE 2015

LanguageAmerican English language icon American English
EditorAaron Jenkins
PublishingRoss Periodicals Inc., ISSN 1093-0949
Dimensions214 x 275 mm

Horses for Courses 458 Speciale
The 458 Speciale combines blistering street and track performance.
Flashback Remembering the F50
In the early 1990s, Ferrari decided to bring the F1 driving experience to the road with the now-legendary F50.
Father Figure Nicola Materazzi profile
You've probably never heard of Nicola Materazzi, but you certainly know his work.
Past Masters Luigi Musso Musso remembered
After making his name with Maserati, racer Luigi Musso joined Ferrari in 1956.
Fun in the Sun 2015 Cavallino Classic
Some of the world's finest Ferraris appeared at the 24th Cavallino Classic.
Affinity for Speed Ken Lingenfelter collection

Marty Bernstein

Barry Kluczyk

Ken Lingenfelter tells us about the Prancing Horses in his 250-car collection.
Formula One Race of Attrition Race of Attrition
Sebastian Vettel finishes on the podium in his first race for the Scuderia.
FORZA Tifosi Challenge Fast Company Ferrari 458 debuts
We ask Mario Guerin what it's like to race a 458 in the FORZA Tifosi Challenge.
Extreme Make-Over Touring's Berlinetta Lusso

Mattias Müller

Touring Superleggera

Touring Superleggera's Berlinetta Lusso ups the F12 ante with coachbuilt bodywork.

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Cover of Forza Magazine issue 142, JUNE 2015