Forza Magazine issue 135


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EditorAaron Jenkins
PublishingRoss Periodicals Inc., ISSN 1093-0949
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First drive Brave New World Ferrari LaFerrari

Chris Chilton

Ferrari SpA

The 963-hp LaFerrari utilizes carbon-fiber construction, a hybrid powertrain and active aerodynamics.
Clean Air 458 Challenge Evo
Ferrari upgrades the 458 Challenge race car with the Evo aero kit.
The Keeper Long-term Daytona
Boxers, 330s and a 275 have come and gone, but this Daytona is here to stay.
Buyer's Guide Super Turismo Ferrari 599
The 599 GTB Fiorano combines supercar speed with GT luxury.
Survivor The Unvarnished Truth Ferrari 250 Europa GT
Ravages of time? This survivor 250 Europa GT looks better than new.
Formula One Best of the Rest Fighting for second
Ferrari finds itself in a fight for second place with Red Bull and Force India.
FORZA Tifosi Challenge Rookie's Tale Ferrari Daytona
We talk with Lance Cawley about his FORZA Tifosi Challenge debut—and 175-mph spin on Daytona’s banking

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Cover of Forza Magazine issue 135, AUGUST 2014