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First Look Ferrari 599XX
Building on the success of the FXX, Ferrari has created a new track star. The 599XX takes the 599 road car to fast new places, with advanced aerodynamics, suspension and brakes, as well as 700 horsepower.
Formula 1 Summer of our Discontent Ferrari keeps struggling
The Scuderia’s up-and-down 2010 season continues, as backmarkers and safety cars ruin races. Even when things go smoothly on track, however, Ferrari still isn’t fast enough to challenge the front-runners.
History The Beast Ferrari 412 MI

William Edgar

William Edgar

Ferrari built the lone Ferrari 412 MI to defeat the Scarabs on U.S. racetracks. The hot-rod special failed in its appointed task, but 50 years later, it’s back on track and taking no prisoners.
Classic Long-lost Love Ferrari Daytone Spyder
It’s a classic love story nearly four decades in the making: Man buys Ferrari, man crashes Ferrari, man loses Ferrari. But a phone call in the mid-2000s would reunite Herb Chambers and his beloved Daytona Spyder.
History Engine Masters Ferrari's engine innovations
Enzo Ferrari believed that engines, not chassis, won races. As a result, he relentlessly pushed his designers and engineers to experiment with new thinking, and in the process develop an amazing array of powerplants.
Racing Speed Kills 2010 Le Mans report
The torrid pace at the 24 Hours of Le Mans suggested a sprint race, not an enduro. But to most fans’ surprise, the fastest cars - both prototype and GT - didn’t survive to take the checkered flag.
Market Update Supercars

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Cover of Forza Magazine issue 104, OCTOBER 2010