Cavallino Magazine issue 76

August / September 1993

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Editor John W. Barnes Jr.
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Alan Yorgason

The Enthusiast's Magazine of Ferrari

Cavallino is the journal of Ferrari history, covering Ferraris old and new for over 40 years. It's the most reliable, most trusted source of everything Ferrari. Ever since the first issue in 1978 Cavallino presents extensive stories and detailed information from knowledgeable experts and enthusiasts who share the passion for Ferrari. All Ferraris are unique, and each one has its own chassis serial number. This is how the Ferrari world keeps track of all the great cars. Cavallino is the only publication that prints the serial number for every Ferrari mentioned in our stories, articles, and race results.

Cover of Cavallino Magazine issue 76, August / September 1993

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2 Ecco Ecco

John Sinkgraven

4 Notizie Tour de France Auto "93 capitalizes on the success of last year's event

Keith G. Bluemel, Henry T. Kistler, Willy Hendericks, Marcel Massini, Pierre Goossens

Pierre Goossens, Henry T. Kistler

The 1993 Tour de France begins in Paris at the Parc du Trocadero near the Eiffel Tower. New route for 1993 went from Paris to the Montlhery Autodrome, then to the Bugatti Circuit at Le Mans, and then on to the track at Vigeant, first overnight was at Le Mans and the second was at Cognac. The third day had trails at Sarlat and Albi, and the final day had hillclimbs at Roquefort and Ampus. Then the end at Nice on the Riviera.
6 Notizie Mille Miglia entertains Italy once again
1993 Mille Miglia Historica

Keith G. Bleumel, Marcel Massini, Henry T. Kistler

Henry T. Kistler, Andreas Meiniger

8 Notizie Spa Ferrari Days, as usual, brings out some of the best European Ferraris
Spa Ferrari Days 1993

Pierre Goossens, Willy Hendericks

John Sinkgraven

13 Notizie F130 Barchetta comes out of hiding, almost


You've seen this photograph everywhere, and yet, it's the new F40 replacement, but no, it won't be this ugly. There is tape all over this thing, covering all the good stuff, and even some of the untaped body panels are bogus for now. The final design is said to borrow much from the F40 and a bit from the Mythos, but lower and wider than both. F130 is the design number, and it's also been codename "Barchetta" since the lightweight removable top can turn your berlinetta coupe into a convertible spyder.
13 Notizie A day at Mugello

Mark Burrell

Mark Burrell / Zapotech

Lucky participants in this year's Mille Miglia enjoyed a detour on the third day's drive from Rome back to Brescia: a visit to Mugello. Teams toured the facility, practiced on the F1 test track, and browsed among fifty street cars from the Ferrari Club Italia and a dozen vintage models from the Museum of the day's host, Lancia. Pretty Lancia hostesses in navy blue uniforms directed guests to a garage where pate on toast and cappuccino were being served.
14 Notizie The "Incontri d'Arte" tours the best in Italy

Harry Newton

David Gooley

Ferrari of all ages are assembled for an impromptu concours d'elegance in the Piazza del Mercatale in Greve in Chianti, Italy. This grouping was part of a three day 'Incontri d'Arte' staged by the Collezione Maranello Rosso of San Marino. It went from Riccione on the Adriatic Coast to Siena in the interior, and was a combination of pageantry, gastronomic indulgence, and tourism on a high level.
14 Notizie Experienced foundry takes on custom vintage and classic car work
Custom castings available

Vic Elford

Many of you know Vic Elford as one of the fastest and best or race drivers in the 1960s and 1970s, mostly in Porsches, in long distance sports car races and the Can-Am, for the last three years, he has been driving a variety of historic cars. Being so deeply involved in vintage and historic racing, he has become aware of some of the problems facing owners and crews of such cars when it comes to finding or making replacement parts.
14 Notizie Ferraris show the colors in Japan

Junichiro Hiramatsu

Junichiro Hiramatsu

Resplendet in its new paint scheme, F40 s/n 82886 sits on the grid at Suzuka with fifty other Ferraris for a day of driving with the Ferrari Club of Japan recently. Mr. Enzo Francesconi, from the "Assistenza Tecnica" section of the factory, was in attendance.
16 Notizie FCA National Concours brings out some great early Ferraris
Ferrari Club of America

Ed Gilbertson, Sherry Lindberg

Robert Craig

In early June, the Ferrari Club of America held it's annual get together at the PGA National Resort in West Palm Beach, Florida. If you were an avid golfer as well as an ardent Ferrariophile, you were in heaven. There were several track days at Moroso Motorsports Park, including some drag racing (to the great joy of manufacturers of after market Ferrari clutches), and a successful rally. The highlight, of course, is the Nactional Concours.
20 Feature 330 GTC - the First Modern Ferrari
Part Two of its history

Dyke Ridgley

Mark Jennings, Courtesy Dyke Ridgley, Hilary Raab

Most 330 GTCs had standard cordon type universal joints in the half-shafts connecting the transaxle to the rear wheels. However, very late in the production run, the Factory switched to the Lobro constant velocity joints for less vibration in the driveline. These joints were carried over to all later Ferraris through today's cars. Interestingly, they are often referred to as "Daytona" style half-shafts, when in reality they are "GTC" style half-shafts uses on Daytonas!
28 Feature California Dreaming
Searching the trails for the origins of this California Spyder, s/n 1411 GT

Martin Emmison

Martin McGlone, Courtesy Rina del Monaco

In 1982, I bought my first Ferrari, a 250 GTE soon followed by a shortnose 275 GTB. However, as a confirmed fresh air fanatic, I yearned for a spyder. My chance came in 1986, in the form of a wrecked 250 GT California LWB, s/n 1411 GT, or rather its mortal remains, as virtually all the parts that move were missing. I made a rapid deal by telex, flew to California to check it was genuine, and had my precious heap of junk shovelled into a container, bound for England.
34 Corse 348 Challenge gets off to a great start at Spa-Francorchamps

Pierre Goossens, Willy Hendericks, John Sinkgraven

John Sinkgraven, Alexis Callier

Answering the call from its loyal owners and fans for some serious GT ring, Ferrari has inaugurated the much heralded 348 Challenge series for 348 Ferraris, and by the size of the field of cars at the first race at Spa, and by the thoroughness of the preparation and the attention to finish and detail, everyone admits that at this point the series may prove to be wildly successful.
37 Corse North America to join the Challenge
348 Challenge announced for America in a speach by Dott. Gian Luigi Buitoni
At the recent Ferrari Club of America National Meet, Ferrari North America President Dott. Gian Luigi Buitoni confirmed all the rumours and announced in a major speech that the 348 Challenge will take place in the United States and Canada.
37 Corse Other Ferrari GT racing in Italy and U.S.
As we go to press, there may already by a 348 out there running in the IMSA Supercar GT division. The Ferrari Factory is preparing three cars for this series, with one car in the states being finished up and two more on the way. Hollywood Sport Cars is campaigning the cars, and Chick Vandagriff is team manager.
37 Corse Pirelli Maranello Challenge starts another great year
Results of the first six races

John Swift

There was only one British entry at the first 348 Challenge race at Spa and at first glance you may wonder if our English Ferrari brethren have dropped the ball by not being better prepared to enter the 348 Challenge, but we believe the real reason they have not chosen to embrace the 348 Challenge en masse yet is because of the very real and simple success of their own home grown series, the Pirelli Maranello Challenge.
38 Corse Ferrari in Formule One - the season progresses
Formula One Championship

Denis L. Tanney

European Grand Prix, April 11, 1993
Lackluster start to the season

San Marino Grand Prix, April 25, 1993
Heads hang low before a home crowd

Spanish Grand Prix, May 9, 1993
Heads turn up as results improve

Monaco Grand Prix, May 23, 1993
Smiles abound as Jean Alesi takes a third place

Canadian Grand Prix, June 3, 1993
Grins get wider as Berger bags a fourth

Montezemolo clamps down, to everyone's relief
Personel changes, and no changes, of note