Cavallino Magazine issue 55

February / March 1990

Language American English language icon American English
Editor Stanley Nowak
Publishing John W. Barnes, Jr., ISSN 0889-2504
Dimensions softcover, 64 pages, 208 x 277 mm

American English language icon Cover The new Ferrari 348, photographed in Italy

Guy Mangiamele

The Enthusiast's Magazine of Ferrari

Cavallino is the journal of Ferrari history, covering Ferraris old and new for over 40 years. It's the most reliable, most trusted source of everything Ferrari. Ever since the first issue in 1978 Cavallino presents extensive stories and detailed information from knowledgeable experts and enthusiasts who share the passion for Ferrari. All Ferraris are unique, and each one has its own chassis serial number. This is how the Ferrari world keeps track of all the great cars. Cavallino is the only publication that prints the serial number for every Ferrari mentioned in our stories, articles, and race results.

Cover of Cavallino Magazine issue 55, February / March 1990

Table of Contents

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1 Ecco Ecco
4 Lettere Lettere
Some thoughts and observations from our readers
11 Prodotti Nuovi Carrozzeria
Carrozzeria is about one year old and is dedicated to the appreciation and understanding of the vintage and classic automotive bodywork, and how to restore it as well. It covers all marques, of course, but a good selection of it is on Ferraris.
11 Prodotti Nuovi AFA Quarterly
AFAS Quarterly is the magazine for the Automotive Fine Art Society, a group of some of the better automobile painters and illustrators practicing today. The magazine highlights the works of its members, naturally, but it covers many others as well, actually giving a fairly good panorama of the automotive art world.
12 A Model Builder from "Down Under" builds a Worldwide following
The work of Alistair Brookman

Jacques Vaucher

Andrev Veljkovic

About three years ago, Alistair Brookman took up model building as a full time vocation, but his "career" of crafting models really began many years ago.
For his first piece, Mr. Brookman chose the 1952 Ferrari 156 Formula one which Phil Hill drove to a World Championship victory in 1961 - will also appear in an edition of twelve. "It's a great looking shark nose car with a beautiful rear V-6 engine ..."
14 Buon Umore A lighthearted (though heart stopping) moment in a Ferrari
The lighter side of Ferrari

David Clarke

Dennis Simon

During my twenty nine years with Ferrari, I have had many interesting but widely differing experiences.
Always fascinating, they sometimes alternated between deadly dangerous and very amusing. These may have been potentially serious at the time but could be looked at afterwards with relief and amusement.
21 1964 Ferrari Formula One 158 V8
A little thoroughbred from the Past, the 1964-65 Grand Prix Ferrari takes us back

Guy Mangiamele, Bill Neale, Peter Coltrin

Since a V-8 holds center stage in this issue, we though we'd wander back to an early Ferrari V-8, not the first one ever made by Ferrari but the first to be used in serious Grand Prix racing by the team.
This little 158 seems to embody all the theories of minimalism to an inordinate degree. But we were drawn, nonetheless, and had Mr. Setton's mechanics pull the car aside for a photo session.
26 Feature Mystery at Monza
XII Coppa Inter-Europa, Monza, Italy, September 4 ,1960

Jerry McDermott

In the late summer of 1960, numerous sports cars including fourteen Ferraris gathered in a small town near Milan in northern Italy. When that many Ferraris gather today, it's undoubtedly for a concours, and indeed, the cars that Sunday were destined to become today's collector cars. But on September 4, 1960, these care were not gathered for a white glove affair on a grassy knoll ...
28 Ferrari 348 at Fiorano!

Guy Mangiamele

We drive the new Ferrari 348 tb at Ferrari's own test track and we were not disappointed. Come along for the ride.
36 Ferrari 412 P No. 0854 saga
A history of a special "P" car

Michael Sheehan

Courtesy of Michael Sheehan, Courtesy of Doug Nye, David Friedman, Courtesy of Antoine Prunet

Our story centers on Ferrari 412 P serial number 0854, one of a small series of very special Ferrari which today represents both the pinnacle of racing success and the height of functional beauty for a prototype car. The flowing body lines of the "privateers" 412 Ps and that of the "bigger" sisters, the Factory team 330 P4s, are symbols of a time when race cars has the unusual combination of very aggressive yet very functional beauty.
42 Mercato Ferrari Market Watch
Opinions on the Ferrari market for the coming year

Stan Nowak

Dennis Simon

As this is being written (in early January), the market is still slow and too many cars are being offered in most categories. Except for the new Ferraris (a special report on these is included at the end of our list), it is "back to the good old days". This means a delicate market that is influenced quickly by oversupply and/or lack of buyers.
52 Feature Wonder Woman of Ferrari
Brenda Vernor

Robert T. Devlin

Robert T. Devlin

It was October, 1982, some seven years ago, when my wife, Penny, and I arrived at the gates of the Ferrari Factory at Maranello, anticipating a tour of the production facilities. The polite, but efficient guard asked us to wait and ten minutes later a vibrant woman with rosy cheeks walked into the room and introduced herself as Brenda Vernor. She quickly relayed the information that the production facilities were closed to tours, but she would personally give us a quick run through the Factory.
54 Notizie U.S. F40 finally a Reality
Word from the Factory says the Ferrari F40 has passed all requirements for homologation in the United States. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has okayed the results of the F40 crash test conducted last fall, and the DOT and EPA are said to be finally satisfied with their own demands.
U.S. F40s are starting to be made at the Factory as you read this, on a second assembly line next tot the one making the F40s for the rest of the world.
54 Notizie The Italian Classic Car Show
Modena, 29th September - 1st October 1989

Keith Bluemel

It was appropriate the the first Italian Classic Car Show should have been held in Modena. The town and its environs has for many years been the hub of Italian high performance car production, and is synonymous with the country's most prestigious spring marques - Stanguellini, De Tomaso, Lamborghini, Maserati, and of course, the numero uno, Ferrari.
54 Notizie Michelotti honored
As the Ferrari saga continues to unfold, two names continue to be confused, Giovanni Michelotto, the owner of the authorised Ferrari dealership in Padua, Italy, and create of many current special racing Ferraris (the F40 LM, the GTO Evolution, and the 308 GT/M), and Giovanni Michelotti, designer of many of the Vignale bodies seen on many early Ferraris.
55 Calendario Calendario
Where to see Ferraris in public in 1990
56 Corse The Season is over for 1989, but testing begins for 1990
Formule one


Japanese Grand Prix, October 22
Australian Grand Prix, November 5
56 Corse Prost arrives, the Birds sing, God's in Heaven, and all's right with the World
Formule one
No time was lost after Australia, as by November 15th, Alain Prost was in Maranello to say hello, be shown around, and to be fitted for his new seat. It was an emotional time, both for Prost and for Maranello. Even though traditionally Ferrari and Ferrari enthusiasts believe all Ferrari racing cars are paramount and the driver but a talented chauffeur, they do respect a fast driver, and a World Champion even more, and Alain Prost is both.
57 Corse Ferrari wins the Targa Florio again
The Targa Floria is now a high speed rally for vintage and classic race cars, nothing like its former glory days of pure international racing, but don't tell the participants that. They act as though they really are in the days of old, blasting over the mountain roads of Sicily with vigorous, and some would say careless, abandon.
57 Corse Pirelli Maranello Ferrari Challenge closes it's Season


The last race of the 1989 challenge was held at Castle Combe in England on September 16, and it poured rain for this race too. It was so bad in practice that many of the highly modified 308s were at loose ends, and it was the unmodified 328 GTB of Peter Collard that had fastest lap!
57 Corse Putting your Money where your Dreams are - chapter Two

Michael Sheehan

Courtesy of Michael Sheehan

Race care are the ultimate proof of the adage that everything takes longer and costs more than ever dreamt possible. As diehard racing fans we ha race a Chevrolet Camaro in IMSA's GTO series. We wanted to race a more competitive car in the 1990 IMSA GT series, one with more current technology, and preferably one more in keeping with the many Ferraris our sponsor, European Auto Sales, both maintains and sells.
60 Corse Mondial shines in Belgium

Willem J. Staat

Willem J. Staat

The final round of the Belgian Touring Car Championship took place around the former Heysel World Trade exhibition center on October 29, 1989.
Moneytron supremo J.P. van Rossum decided to enter a Ferrari Mondial for F3000 driver Eric van der Poele who drove a lone thirty lap race; in fact, he finished fourth and set the fastest lap the final one.
60 Corse Oldtimer Grand Prix flourishes

Andreas Meiniger

As it becomes increasingly hard to drag old Ferraris out of the garages at all, it is heartwarming to see that the Oldtimer Grand Prix race each year in Germany entices quite a few choice examples. Maybe it's the temptation of driving at the Nürburgring, on parts of the fabled old circuit as well as the new, that brings them out.
60 Corse The 7th Annual International Ferrari Meeting of the Dutch Ferrari Club
Ferrari Club Nederland

Ed Swart, Nico Koel

Ben van Bavel

Although the Dutch Ferrari Club only hosts the Benelux meeting once every three years, because the other two are hosted by the Belgium and Luxembourger clubs, they do also run an International Meeting at Zandvoort every year on their own. It was a "one day event" which started early in order to run the full program of practice runs and races for the 120 Ferraris that showed up on this sunny Saturday.
61 Assistenza Assistenza
Special service for the Ferrari enthusiast
64 Informazione Informazione
Where to find Cavallino around the world