Cavallino Magazine issue 52

August / September 1989

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Editor Stanley Nowak
Publishing John W. Barnes, Jr., ISSN 0889-2504
Dimensions softcover, 64 pages, 208 x 277 mm

American English language icon Cover The Ferrari 250 GT "Speciale", s/n 3469 GT

Steven Napolitano

The Enthusiast's Magazine of Ferrari

Cavallino is the journal of Ferrari history, covering Ferraris old and new for over 40 years. It's the most reliable, most trusted source of everything Ferrari. Ever since the first issue in 1978 Cavallino presents extensive stories and detailed information from knowledgeable experts and enthusiasts who share the passion for Ferrari. All Ferraris are unique, and each one has its own chassis serial number. This is how the Ferrari world keeps track of all the great cars. Cavallino is the only publication that prints the serial number for every Ferrari mentioned in our stories, articles, and race results.

Cover of Cavallino Magazine issue 52, August / September 1989

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4 Lettere Lettere
from our readers
14 Mercato Spring Auctions keep Ferraris at a High Level

Courtesy of Christies, Marcel Massini

Below are the results of many of the auctions that have taken place this spring and early summer, in which Ferraris have been bid on and/or sold.
There are some very high water marks here and we'll have to wait and see if these lofty prices pull up the price of some other Ferraris of the same model type in the general market place.
17 Modellismo Ferrari tinplate Toys

Marcel Massini

Marcel Massini

The original purpose of a toy is to please and delight and amuse children. The majority of tinplate toys originated in Southern Germany, whose output dominated the world market. Most of the important toy makers in Europe established their enterprises in the area of Bavaria, famous for its clock making.
Nürnberg was to become the center of the toy industry from the nineteenth century through the early part of this century.
18 Modellismo An early Handbuild Large Scale Toy

Dave Robidoux

Dave Robidoux

On a recent visit to a toy collector, Kirk White in Wayne, Pennsylvania. I was taken by a toy Ferrari, with which I was unfamiliar.
This 21 inch toy model of a 1500 cc supercharged Ferrari Grand Prix car is one of a group of five ".60" engine racers built by a master model maker for a "Mrs. Wainwright" of London in the early 1950s.
20 Feature Ferrari 348 tb & ts
A preview of Ferrari's newest. Not evolutionary this Time - But revolutionary!

Ferrari Factory

We were given these photos in early June of the new 348 Ferrari sports car by "a friend at the Factory," but before you think we have an incredible "in" within those hallowed halls, these photographs at Fiorano were actively bestowed upon us, and others, for a very engaging reason, which we will mention at the end of our small preview here.
23 Feature Lost and Found
Thought to be lost for many years, this special 212 Inter Pinin Farina Coupé was rediscovered recently and it brought back a few memories

David Edgerton

We were at an exotic car show last summer near New Haven, Connecticut, and amid all the truly impressive imported iron on display (Maseratis, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Jaguars and Mercedes) and the generous sprinkling of American efforts, there was one lone, old and outdated production car, very sedate and modest in its silvery blue paint and restrained chrome trim, which caught our eye. It was a 1952 Ferrari 212 Inter with Coupé body by Pinin Farina, s/n 0259 EU.
25 Feature Mille Miglia 1989
Come for a ride with us in the Mille Miglia in Sherman Wolf's 1953 340 MM Vignale Spyder

Guy Mangiamele

Guy Mangiamele

It was already dark at 9:20 pm in Brescia, and in the distance we could see the lights on tall posts where the ramp to the starting area would be. Sherman's son Scott and his mechanic Spencer had found us and together we were pushing the red Ferrari 340 MM, s/n 0350 MM, through the thousands of people who seemed to be surrounding the car. To communicate we were yelling over the screams and cheers of the crowd, and the Ferrari was like an icon for them.
31 Feature Ferraris in the 1989 Mille Miglia

Marcel Massini

32 Feature A true "Speciale"
One off body, one time owner, one very rare and unique Ferrari, 250 GT, s/n 3469 GT

Steven Napolitano, Courtesy of Antoine Prunet

In these modern days, when the Ferrari Factory con propagate hundreds, even thousands, of copies of a certain model, it's refreshing to look back to a time when Ferrari built individual cars, cars of a certain special nature, designed to fulfill a particular need.
Most likely, this would be the acquiescence to a specific request from a good customer for a car with a bit more verve in its performance, a bit more flair and bravura in its styling.
38 Notizie Club Ferrari France ... Rallye de Bourgogne and Spring Meeting ...
April 21-23, 1989

Marcel Massini

All members of the Club Ferrari France had been invited to the annual spring meeting. It was to be a sporting, touristic, and gastronomic weekend in the famous area of Bourgogne. About 90 participants, including some Ferraristi from neighboring countries such as West Germany, Switzerland and Italy, arrived Friday Night at the Hotel Ibis in Beaune for the dinner-buffet.
38 Notizie Ferrari Club Italia ... Ferrari alla Mille Miglia ... Modena
April 29-30, 1989

Keith G. Bluemel

To celebrate the passage of the Mille Miglia historic event through the hometown of the cars bearing the Cavallino Rampant, Ferrari Club Italia held a social meeting for members during the weekend of the classic event.
The participants gathered at the Grand Hotel Raffaello in Modena during the afternoon of Saturday, April 29, almost all reporting heavy rain or storms, from whichever direction they came.
40 Notizie Ferrari Exhibition at the Musée de l'Automobiliste, Mougins, France

Keith G. Bluemel

Any Ferrari enthusiast contemplating a holiday in the south of France, or even passing through en route to Italy, would be well advised to suggest a "coffee stop" to their traveling companions at the "Aire des Bréguières" series area on the A8 autoroute between Nice and Cannes. Quite by "surprise" you stumble upon an automobile museum, and then there is an even bigger surprise, as they just happen to be holding a Ferrari exhibition.
42 Notizie Notizie
Famed Designer Aurelio Lamprey dies
New Positions at Ferrari
F40s are presented at other Ferrari meets
New Dealer appointed
New Ferrari Club formed
A Ferrari in Need ...
Ferrari wins Replica Lawsuit
46 Servizio Modifying your 365 P2/3 for the street
Part Two

David Clarke

David Clarke

By the time the car had come back from the Show, the new Champion spark plugs had arrived and two sets were tried before the best compromise was reached by using the R63 type, which, once I had managed to really sort out the carburetion, never gave any trouble at all.
54 Corse The Ferraris are electrifying, but the electrics shortcircuit any chance for Success

Autosprint, Lee Katz

San Marino Grand Prix, April 23
Monaco Grand Prix, May 7
Test Session and other Doings, Mid-May
The Team Evolves, Late May,
Mexican Grand Prix, May 28
U.S. Grand Prix, June 4
57 Corse Squadra Corse captures some wins

Guy Mangiamele

Last issue, we introduced to you this year's Ferrari Club Italia Historic racing team, which included several excellent older racing Ferrari from David Piper's collection. The Factory is providing generous support, as the team goes after the FIA cup.
At the first race at Brands Hatch in April, Mr. Piper brought his Ferrari 365 P2 in third, while Fabrizio Violati, part of the Scuderia Campidoglio of Italy, came home in fourth in his Ferrari 365 P2/3.
59 Corse Pirelli Maranello Ferrari Challenge continues
The second round in this competitive series in England brought nineteen Ferrari to Brands Hatch on May 14, and not only had they to do battle amongst themselves, but they had to avoid a horde of Alfas racing on the track with them, not competing with them, just racing around them. It seems that the promotors of the day's events were worried about small grids keeping the spectators amused on the long circuit ...
60 Calendario Calendario
Events at which Ferraris will be found in 1989
61 Assistenza Assistenza
62 Corse F40s in Raving
We keep promising you some news under this particular heading, but as yet no F40 has seen a starter's flag.
There was heavy speculation the cars would take part in the Supercup series, but there were no shows at the Nurburgring and Silverstone. They were to be entered by Ch. Pozzi and piloted by Jean-Pierre Jabouille and Nicola Larini.
No cars showed for Le Mans, either.
62 Corse Ferrari Engines in Camel Lights ... a Progress Report

Robert Pease

Since our last visit, there have been many changes with the Gaston Andrey Ferrari / Camel Lights team.
Most notably, Canadian Uli Beri has teamed with Italy's Carmaf racing.
The development work in the IMSA Lights class over the last year has improved by a couple of seconds per lap season to season.
64 Informazione Informazione