Cavallino Magazine issue 43

February / March 1988

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Editor Stanley Nowak
Publishing John W. Barnes, Jr., ISSN 0889-2504
Dimensions softcover, 56 pages, 208 x 277 mm

American English language icon Cover Enzo Ferrari

Mark Wallach

The Magazine for Ferrari Enthusiasts

Cavallino is the journal of Ferrari history, covering Ferraris old and new for over 40 years. It's the most reliable, most trusted source of everything Ferrari. Ever since the first issue in 1978 Cavallino presents extensive stories and detailed information from knowledgeable experts and enthusiasts who share the passion for Ferrari. All Ferraris are unique, and each one has its own chassis serial number. This is how the Ferrari world keeps track of all the great cars. Cavallino is the only publication that prints the serial number for every Ferrari mentioned in our stories, articles, and race results.

Cover of Cavallino Magazine issue 43, February / March 1988

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1 In this issue... In this issue...
Buon Compleanno! Enzo Ferrari
It gives us a great deal of pride and joy to celebrate in print in this issue the 90th birthday of the Maestro himself, Enzo Ferrari. On February 18, he will begin his ninety first year, and behind him in the forgoing four score and ten years of his life, he has left a legacy of great cars and memorable racing for all of us to enjoy, and in addition, his achievements and success have spawned a whole host of subordinate industries and enterprises, of which this journal you are holding is but one.
3 Ecco Ecco
10 Lettere Lettere

Courtesy of Clive Beecham, Jame A. Ladwig, Courtesy of Graber Automobile AG, Junichiro Hiramatsu

11 Calendario Calendario
Events at which Ferraris will be found in 1988

Matthew Landes

12 Arte What shall I do with my Ferrari today... ?
Project F1 calendar, Spyder Enterprises calendar, Samson Publishing calendar
While you are contemplating such an entertaining thought, you can keep track of what you do do every day now, on three different Ferrari calendars which have been published for 1988. If you really can't spend every day doodling with your Ferrari, then you van at least have Ferrari pictures to look at and a Ferrari calendar to doodle on.
16 Modellismo Good Things in Small Packages

H.D. Seufert

Robbe Model Sport of Grebenhain, West Germany is one of the largest and best known makers of radio controlled scale models and equipment in the world. The range of models is extensive, from airplanes to sailplanes to sailboats to powerboats to helicopters, and of course, to automobiles, and the one that caught our eye recently was the newest model, that of the Ferrari Testarossa at 1/10 scale.
16 Modellismo On to the Races then

Ray Doucet

You knew that just about every Ferrari ever made has been expressed in scale model form, sometimes many times over, but did you know those great dinosaurs, those lumbering giants, those heavy laden pachyderms of the Ferrari world, the race car transporters, have been immortalized as well?
20 Enzo Ferrari's 90th!
Join the Celebration
Enzo Ferrari is ninety years young on February 18th of this year, and we, like you dear reader, can only offer our most heartful congratulations to him on reaching this remarkable year, and for all the things he has been able to pack into such a long and eventful lifetime. In addition, this is a good occasion to thank him for all the pleasure he has brought to us all over the years, the cars we have been able to drive and the cars we've watched and rooted for at the racetracks.
22 Market Watch Market Guide 1988
What to buy in 1988

Stan Nowak

Like the stock market the old Ferrari market went up dramatically during 1987, but then, after Black Monday, did not go down but simply stood still. No rush to sell old Ferraris was discerned anywhere, and in fact, the very special ones that are always listed as THE most desirable Ferrari continued to go up. Some did become a bit overpriced due to heavy speculation and these have now settled down to selling at lower prices or to a standoff situation where buyers and sellers never get together.
26 Feature Ferrari F40
What we know, what we don't know


What have we heard about the F40, you ask?
Well, quite a bit really, but only a little of it is based on fact and most of it is rumour with a capital R, in the finest Ferrari tradition. The only thing anyone knows for sure is that you can't get one. Dealers in the U.S. will tell you to go to Europe to find one, while dealers in Europe advise you to try America.
28 Ferrari 250 GT/L 'Lusso' Berlinetta Ferrari 250 GT/L Lusso Berlinetta
Ferrari's Beauty Queen

Alan Boe

Alan Boe, Courtesy of Richard Merritt

It's the last front engined three litre V-12 berlinetta built by Ferrari. It's also the only three litre V-12 berlinetta built by Ferrari in significant numbers solely for street use. And it is acknowledged by those both in and outside the world of Ferrari as a timeless classic, easily one of the most beautiful post war automobile designs. It's the Ferrari 250 GT/L Berlinetta Lusso, designed by Pininfarina and built by Ferrari, with body by Scaglietti.
30 Ferrari 250 GT/L 'Lusso' Berlinetta Ferrari 250 GT/L Specifications
31 Ferrari 250 GT/L 'Lusso' Berlinetta Ferrari 250 GT/L Serial Numbers

Dyke Ridgley, Kurt Miska

34 Feature Jacques Swaters - Ferrari's Man in Belgium, part II
The Success of Écurie Francorchamps and Équipe Nationale Belgiqué

Courtesy of Alexis Callier, Jacques Swaters

In this issue, we offer a further look at the racing activity, with some rare photographs from various sources and a chart of results of the major finishes for the Belgian teams. In a way, Jacques Swaters operated in a fortunate era, fortunate in that there were plentiful, recognised, international racing classes in which to compete, and also that Ferrari decided to construct several series of cars that could compete in these prescribed venus, and successfully.
38 Servizio The Story of 0851 GT
part One

Sue Ridgley

Pinin Farina

It hardly seems a reality that after all the work, all the struggle, the seemingly endless nights of lying upside down under a dashboard, that it could be done... finished, and on the road again after fifteen years. It now seems impossible that this gleaming hunk of metal resplendent with red leather interior was once an ugly pile of parts, complete with rust, holes and a two-by-four for a dash.
42 Notizie Ferraris in Florida

Robert C. Pease, Mark Wallach

Last November there was an SCCA Trans Am race, plus support races, plus historical and vintage racing in the West Coast Florida town of St. Petersburg.
They've been doing this for several years, but this past year the organisers decided to hold a Concours d'Elegance, featuring one specific marque, that one marque being, of course, Ferrari. And for the fist time out, the show came off quite well, being very well organized and positioned in a beautiful location by water's edge.
46 Corse F187/097
You see, if you wish hard enough, your dream will come true. Ferrari rises again

Bill Neale, Autosprint

The man of the moment, and the car of the moment - Gerhard Berger and F1-87 chassis No. 97. This No. 97 has been a mule, a trainer, a spare, a back up car for much of 1987, but in the last two races of the year at Japan and Australia, when Berger's No. 98 had engine problems before each race. No. 97 was pressed into service and it won both races! Good show, and now the F1-87 series can go out in glory.

Mexican Grand Prix (October 18)
Japanese Grand Prix (November 1)
Australian Grand Prix (November 15)
51 Assistenza Assistenza
53 Corse Ferrari GT Racing
The Present and the Future

Rick Mancuso

Courtesy of Lake Forest Sportscars, Ltd.

Talk of the F40 has been building daily at the dealership (Lake Forest Sportscars in Lake Forest, Illinois). We have received phone calls from all over the world, and we really don't know that much about it either. Perhaps I can repeat some things we think we know about it, and then you can see how it relates to our race effort this year and next.
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