Cavallino Magazine issue 42

December 1987 / January 1988

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Publishing John W. Barnes, Jr.
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American English language icon Cover The Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, s/n 0766 TR

Guy Mangiamele

The Magazine for Ferrari Enthusiasts

Cavallino is the journal of Ferrari history, covering Ferraris old and new for over 40 years. It's the most reliable, most trusted source of everything Ferrari. Ever since the first issue in 1978 Cavallino presents extensive stories and detailed information from knowledgeable experts and enthusiasts who share the passion for Ferrari. All Ferraris are unique, and each one has its own chassis serial number. This is how the Ferrari world keeps track of all the great cars. Cavallino is the only publication that prints the serial number for every Ferrari mentioned in our stories, articles, and race results.

Cover of Cavallino Magazine issue 42, December 1987 / January 1988

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3 In this issue... In this issue...
We had been working on a variety of stories for you over the past few months, only to realise in a moment of final illumination that three of them were traveling along a common theme, even though each story entered on a separate and unique Ferrari race car.
One was on the heroic 250 Testa Rossa of 1959, the second concerned the transformation of a 625 TRC to a 250 TRC, and the third told the tale of history changed, suitably by that great old beast, the 412 MI.
7 Ecco Ecco

Robert Devlin

9 Lettere Lettere
13 Calendario Calendario
Evens at which Ferraris will be found in 1988
16 Modellismo

Courtesy of Cavallino International, Claude Nicolas

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the GTO, the organizers, Cavallino International, and the Italian model retailers, Milano 43, teamed up to produced a limited edition of 150 numbered examples of the 1962-63 Ferrari 250 GTO. They took the basic Bburago 1/18 GTO model and had model maker Vincenzo Bosica add special detailing thought the car.
19 Feature PPG Ferrari
Ferrari builds a prototipo for all the world to see

Robert Devlin

Robert Devlin

Any unveiling of a new automotive design brings to the human species a sense of anticipation akin to the opening of gifts at birthdays or Christmas. In the world of automobiles, there tends to be a calculated aura and build up, some new design have even been presented like debutants, to a drum roll and sounds of an orchestra.
Not so for the release of the prototype CART 1988 PPG-Indy Car World Series Ferrari Pace Car, which was presented in a relaxed atmosphere trackside at Laguna Seca on Friday, October 9, 1987, following practice, to give the media and onlookers a glimpse at the future.
21 Feature Ferrari 408
Ferrari's new mobile laboratory - a closer look

Courtesy of Auto Motor und Sport

We're trying to find more technical information on Ferrari's very new and very exotic "408." The car was the work of Mauro Forghieri and crew at the Research and Advanced Studies Office, and now that Mr. Forghieri has left for Lamborghini, we understand the project is now being looked after by Ing. Ferdinando Cassese. It is considered a prototype only, and therefore, no official information on the car will ever be released, according to the Ferrari Factory.
22 Feature Ferrari F40
The Story of its Development

Jurgen Lewandowski

Klaus Werner

Without the GTO and the GTO Evoluzione, it would have been impossible to build the F40, at least in such a short time. Many of the features which made their first appearance in these two path breaking cars have been incorporated in the F40. And so we must renew our acquaintance with Nicola Materazzi, the father of the GTO and the "Evoluzione."
25 The Ferrari Sports Racer Ferrari 250 TR 59 s/n 0766 TR
The Factory builds the Ultimate Sports Machine

Paolo Mallepelle

Guy Mangiamele, Peter Coltrin, Courtesy of Joel Finn

Officially raced only in five championship events, and produced only in a quantity of five individual examples, there can be, however, no better example to be found of our subject under study, the Ferrari sports racer, than in the guise of the Factory 250 Testa Rossa of 1959.
34 The Ferrari Sports Racer Ferrari 625/250 TRC s/n 0680 MD
An Italian Hot Rod returns

Robert Devlin

Robert Devlin, Jonathan Thompson

It has been said that nothing ever stands still at Ferrari. Innovation has been the trade mark of the dynamic constructor or race and road cars for forty years. In particular, when examining the decade of the 1950s, the broad developed program of Grand Prix, Sports Racing, GT racing and road cars was ambitious for the financially lean manufacturer.
40 The Ferrari Sports Racer Ferrari 412 MI s/n 0744 MI
How One Ferrari started the Monterey Historic Races

David Love

Paul Bartoletti, Courtesy of David Love, Jonathan Thompson

For the last fourteen years during the third weekend in August, enthusiasts of historic racing cars have gathered at Laguna Seca in Northern California in order to recreate the golden days of motor racing.
Laguna Seca raceway inherits its magic from an event that combines performance and display in the same weekend.
44 Notizie Piloti and Bolides at Imola

Marcel Massini

Marcel Massini

Several issues ago we alerted you to the formation of a new Ferrari Club in Italy, backed by the Factory itself and called, appropriately, the Ferrari Club Italia.
At the time, they promised some unusual, not to say interesting, events, and in this case, they outdid the British in terms of coy understatement. They billed their first event as "a small gathering of some former Ferrari drivers and a few old cars."
45 Notizie Prancing Horses and Polo Ponies

Mark Wallach

We spent a lovely early Fall afternoon at a car show at the Greenwich Polo Club in Greenwich, Connecticut. It was part of a day of festivities put on by a company called Color and Concepts to benefit the Americares Foundation, and as part of the exotic car lineup gathered there, there were some very nicely turned out Ferraris.
46 Notizie Thunder on Monterey Bay

Ed Gilbertson

Sidell Tilghman

It happens every August - the annual migration of all try dyed-in-the-wool car freaks to the Monterey Historic Automobile Race and Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance along with much associated hoopla. The side activities in 1987 included such interesting diversions as the 3rd Annual Ferrari Literature and model Collectors' Convention, and the 1st, but perhaps not the last, Monterey Maserati/Lamborghini Meet.
48 Notizie Dutch Ferrari Meet

Stanley Nowak

Stan Nowak

Your roving Editor-At-Large recently spent a month in London working on two new Ferrari books. In talking to David Nottingham early in October, I was advised that an international Ferrari meet was to take place at the Zandvoort race course the following weekend. At David's suggestion I called John Hugenholtz, Jr., the President of the Ferrari Club of the Netherlands who was kind enough to invite us to participate.
52 Notizie Monte Miglia 87

Michael Sheehan

On October 4th, 1987, my wife and I flew to Tokyo for the third running of the Monte Miglia. The Monte Miglia is Japan's premier automotive event for historic cars. Entry is restricted to one hundred and twenty sports and sports prototype cars manufactured prior to 1972, with the entry list heavily favoring Italian cars.
53 Assistenza Assistenza
54 Notizie Ferraris on a Sunday Afternoon

Pietro Castiglioni

The Third Annual Ferrari Auto Show was held in August at the Alvernia College Campus in Reading, Pennsylvania with quite a turnout of Ferraris.
What started out three years ago as a gathering of some Ferrari enthusiasts on a pleasant Sunday afternoon, has grown, under the direction of Pietro Castiglione, into a summer event that Ferrari enthusiasts mark on their calendars.
54 Notizie La Festiva De Machina Italiana

Jerry McDermott

The "Italian Happening" was even bigger this year with 141 entries for the Concours versus 115 last year. And with all the Lamborghinis, Alfa Romeos, De Tomatoes, Maseratis, and other Italian cars, plus 49 Ferraris, it's obvious that Ferrari is 'the' car.
56 Corse Formula One Championship
Italian Grand Prix (September 6)
Portuguese Grand Prix (September 20)
Spanish Grand Prix (September 27)
58 Corse Vintage Happenings

Stan Nowak

In June, everyone returned to the Sears Point raceway for another round of vintage and historic racing, this one being sanctioned by CSRG. Most of the Ferrari action was centered around the "Group Ferrari & Friends," a race that pitted a great number of later day Ferraris against some Alfas and Loti.
58 Corse Ferrari Battles Continue
The Ferrari Maranello Challenge continued its reputation for some exciting racing, the latest being at the Donington circuit over the weekend of September 5-6. Robbie Stirling again took the pole and also the race in his 308 GTB, followed by Malcolm Little in another 308 GTB. Third and fourth were taken by the Scuderia Ferrari Ollanda equip, with Nico Koel in one 512 BB and Rob Grootveld in another.
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