Cavallino Magazine issue 40

August / September 1987

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Publishing John W. Barnes, Jr.
Dimensions softcover, 72 pages, 208 x 277 mm

American English language icon Cover The Ferrari 275 GTB/4, s/n 10311

Guy Mangiamele

The Magazine for Ferrari Enthusiasts

Cavallino is the journal of Ferrari history, covering Ferraris old and new for over 40 years. It's the most reliable, most trusted source of everything Ferrari. Ever since the first issue in 1978 Cavallino presents extensive stories and detailed information from knowledgeable experts and enthusiasts who share the passion for Ferrari. All Ferraris are unique, and each one has its own chassis serial number. This is how the Ferrari world keeps track of all the great cars. Cavallino is the only publication that prints the serial number for every Ferrari mentioned in our stories, articles, and race results.

Cover of Cavallino Magazine issue 40, August / September 1987

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1 Ecco Ecco
4 Commento Commento

Stan Nowak

Laura Lee Evans

The Christie's auction at Monaco on May 26, 1987, has come and gone and for the first time a substantial number of important Ferraris have been sold at auction! The results are conclusive.
The upward trend in Ferrari prices continues. Prices for these older important Ferraris are increasing but at a reduced rate compared to the previous two months.
4 Market Watch Market Watch

Stan Nowak

8 Lettere Lettere

David Clarke, Peter McDonald, Beeckman, Jean "Huby" Lemoine

8 Additions and Corrections Additions and Corrections
16 Arte Ferrari Artwork in the Mainstream
Nicholas Watts: a Rising Star

Jacques Vaucher

Courtesy of L'Art et L'Automobile

What is it about racing that can make an event which took place twenty, thirty or even forty years ago, seems as if it happened only yesterday? It might be the memory of a great driver pushing himself to the limit. Or perhaps, it's the circuit: the untamed roads of the Targa Florio or the sleek and seemingly endless strip at Le Mans.
18 Arte Ferrari: the Energy of the Machine

Courtesy of L'Art et L'Automobile

LeRoy Neiman, America's illustrious artist of sports figures, has created an impressive collection of automotive artworks with the Ferrari as centerpiece.
Although it is the drivers that fascinate Neiman rather than the automobiles, Ferraris have attained special significance in his work by virtue of their success of the racetrack.
18 Arte A Crystal Testarossa
The French artist and designer Claude Nicolas has created a finely detailed crystal sculpture that sits with the majesty that the Testarossa displays when speeding on road and track.
20 Modellismo A New Direction

Dave Robidoux

Courtesy of ADB Models, Milano 43, Marcello Giorgetti

While many Ferraristi collect toys and/or models to represent various themes, recently there has appeared another type of model for the discerning collector. These are hand built, and series built, usually of resin, in 1/14 scale, and are fully detailed with opening apertures, wired motors, etc.
22 Calendario Calendario
Events at which Ferraris will be found in 1987

Bill Neale

23 Ferrari F40
A 40th Anniversary Gift from Ferrari to you


Take heart, all ye faithful, the spirit of Ferrari doth liveth. On July 21, 1987, Ferrari introduced to the public and the motoring press a brand new car that is nothing short of an all out, foot to the floorboard, GT competition car.
It's not a super-refined street machine, it's not a street machine dressed up as a quasi-racer; it is a race car, designed as one, built as one, and made to be sold as one, for you and I to take to a track for some very serious racing, and to win!
24 Ferrari's First 40 Years - A Small Tribute
Forty years ago it all began, and, indeed, with no end in sight
We all know the Ferrari enterprise well since it has been a part of our automotive world for four successful decades now. But in 1945, the firm as a car manufacturer, and as a sporting enterprise, did not exist, and in 1946, when the first announcements were made about the new sports racing cars to debut in 1947, they had the same minor impact that any new venture would, coming as they did from a small machine making concern in a war torn land on the heels of a major national defeat.
26 A Recent Restoration
Ferraro 275 GTB/4 s/n 10311 is reborn in Grand Fashion

Guy Mangiamele

One of our photographers, always on the lookout as he makes his rounds, chanced upon this specimen of Ferrari art while it was still in its restoration program. He snapped a few photos of this work in progress, alerted us to its hidden presence in northern California, and together we kept a watchful and impatient eye over the shoulder of the men bringing her back to life.
33 Ferrari at the 60th Mille Miglia

Robert Devlin

Mark Wallach

When you return from driving around Italy following the many cars entered in the 60th Anniversary of the first running of the Mille Miglia race, your thoughts run to "My God, did all of that actually happen, or was I dreaming?" Off the Autostradas and back onto the two lane rods that were used during the twenty four races held between 1927 and 1957, the routes carry you right into the hill towns and through the beautiful Italian countryside.
42 Feature Chassis 0082 A
The 1951 Mille Miglia Winner comes home

Stan Nowak

John Lamm, Ferrari, Kosuke Tsuruta

0082 A has been a mystery to most of us for many, many years. When I started keeping track of Ferrari serial numbers twenty eight years ago, I showed 0082 A as a 340 America Vignale coupe with no indication of its overall victory in the 1951 Mille Miglia!
The Fitzgerald/Merritt Ferrari book had it right (and with a correct photo) but with no indication of its number. The pioneering Hans Tanner Ferrari book, later edited by Doug Nye, overlooks the 1951 Mille Miglia entirely.
45 Feature Chassis 0082 A - Specifications
1951 Ferrari 340 America, s/n 0082 A
48 Servizio Ferrari Restoriations
part II

Scott Grundfor

Courtesy of Scott Restorations

In Cavallino 38, we looked at the actual metal straightening process - how body damage on a Ferrari could be ironed back into its original shape.
However, sometimes it is difficult to remove all the dents. This is particularly true in the new Ferrari models where access to the back of the damaged panel is at a minimum.
52 Notizie From Wolf Trap to The Summit
FCA celebrates its 25th

Ed Gilbertson

Jerry McDermott

One of the most enjoyable times for us Ferrari Fanatics in the annual trek to the Ferrari Club of America National Meet. Each year the meet is hosted by one of the twelve regions of the FCA.
This year the Mid-Atlantic Region took up the reins and put on a super pony show in the Washington, D.C. area from April 30 to May 3. It was one of the largest club gathering ever with approximately 700 people and 260 Ferraris participating in the various events.
54 Notizie Forghieri departs

Peter Coltrin

The most startling and unexpected news we have for you is that Mauro Forghieri, the gifted designer whose name has become almost synonymous with Ferrari in racing, has left Ferrari for a new position at Lamborghini! As you recall, Mauro Forghieri was "promoted" up and out of the racing team in late 1984 to the head post at Ferrari's Research and Advanced Studies Office.
55 Notizie A Legend Passes
Gioachino Colombo

Giovanni Cavara

How many times have you seen printed, here in Cavallino and in other Ferrari literature, seemingly endless references to the legendary and properly venerated "Colombo-designed" V-12 engine?
Well, that very same Colombo, Gioachino Colombo, finally passed away in early May in Italy at the age of 84 after a long illness.
56 Notizie A Tribute to Ferrari

Jean-Jacques Dieumegard

Cartier, as you know, markets the "Ferrari Formula" products around the world, and a part of their promotion of these items, they recently staged an elaborate exhibition in honour of the cars of Enzo Ferrari, at The Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art outside Paris at Jouy en Jonas. The object was to illustrate the evolution of the Ferrari automobile, primarily in competition.
58 Notizie Bugatti-Ferrari Owners' Club Switzerland
15th Anniversary Meeting at Interlaken

Marcel Massini

Mark Wallach

This year, it is fifteen years since the formation of the Bugatti-Ferrari Owners' Club Switzerland, which was founded September 16, 1972 at the Swiss Transportation Museum in Lucerne.
The fifteenth anniversary meeting was held May 29-31, 1987 right in the center of Switzerland, at Interlake, which is a well known resort of the famous Bernese Overland.
59 Notizie News and Notes
Seen around Maranello recently: a Mondial coupe with ducting and vents denoting a turbo engine on board. this may be destined for Italy, like the 208 Turbos of two litre size, or it may be a solution to the inferior power the Mondial suffers from because of its excess weight vis à vis the 328 series.
59 Notizie Testarossa update

David Edgerton

For you detail buffs, we have some things to document for you on the 1987 U.S. Testarossas. The most noticeable change is the removal of the rearview mirror from the windshield pillar down to a triangular sport formed by the convergence of that same pillar and the door. Apparently, many owners wanted a right hand side mirror, bot to balance the symmetry of the car, and also to have vision to rearward along the right side.
61 A very Ferrari Trip to Europe

Jacques Vuacher

On May 22nd, 1987, I left New York's Kennedy airport with Luigi Chinietti, Jr., on our way to Modena via Milano. We arrived at the Scaglietti factory in Modena to see the last checkpoint in the Mille Miglia, before the finish in Brescia. Here we were taken on a grand tour of the factory by the best possible guide of all: Mr. Scaglietti himself, a charming and very hospitable man.
62 Corse Out of the Basement at Least
Formula one

Courtesy of Jerry McDermott, Autosprint, Courtesy of Momo

Brazilian Grand Prix (April 12)
San Marino Grand Prix (May 3)
Belgian Grand Prix (May 17)
Monaco Grand Prix (May 31)
Detroit Grand Prix (June 21)
68 Vintage Happenings

Autosprint, Sidell Tilgham

Seen at the Miami Grnad Prix Vintage and Historic Races in February was Jack Cowell's 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO, and Carey Culpepper's 1962 ASA 1000 "Ferrarina," the latter car being very rare anymore and a surprise to see scrambling about in a vintage race.
69 Corse The Story Continuous

Rick Mancuso

Even writing the story of this race has been hard! Having spent hours on my new word processor, documenting our first race at Indianapolis Raceway Park. I now discover I have lost the file because I failed to back it up somehow.
71 Assistenza Assistenza
72 Avvisi Economici Avvisi Economici
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