Cavallino Magazine issue 38

April / May 1987

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Publishing John W. Barnes, Jr.
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American English language icon Cover Ferrari 288 GTOs

Steven Napolitano

The Magazine for Ferrari Enthusiasts

Cavallino is the journal of Ferrari history, covering Ferraris old and new for over 40 years. It's the most reliable, most trusted source of everything Ferrari. Ever since the first issue in 1978 Cavallino presents extensive stories and detailed information from knowledgeable experts and enthusiasts who share the passion for Ferrari. All Ferraris are unique, and each one has its own chassis serial number. This is how the Ferrari world keeps track of all the great cars. Cavallino is the only publication that prints the serial number for every Ferrari mentioned in our stories, articles, and race results.

Cover of Cavallino Magazine issue 38, April / May 1987

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1 Ecco Ecco

Steven Napolitano

2 Commento Commento

Stan Nowak

Konrad Kahl

For the past four years, I had given a great deal of thought to the possibility of restructuring my life to enable me to devote myself to writing and editing - and to using my experience in running Ferrari dealerships over the past 14 years by consulting with various companies and individuals. And I also wanted to help a fe special collectors to find and acquire a few great Ferraris.
4 Lettere Lettere

Gunnar Pettersson, Antoine Prunet, Pininfarina, Everett Anton Singer

4 Additions and Corrections Additions and Corrections
13 What to Buy What to Buy
The latest on the volatile Ferrari Market

Stanley Nowak

Four years ago, I wrote an initial article based on my best guesses as to which old Ferraris were the best to invenst in. This is what I call the "cloudest crystal ball syndrome," and I purposely made no guesses as to how much these cars might increase in value.
As the market for old Ferraris is so volatile, we are planning to make this a yearly feature.
19 The Zagato Ferraris

Marcel Massini

Stan Nowak, Marcel Massini, Courtesy of Dean Batchelor, Courtesy of Antoine Prunet, Courtesy of Jess Pourret

The coach building firm of Zagato on built nine bodies that we know of an Ferrari chassis, and only six of these can be termed original in that they were place on the chassis when those chassis were new, but these lightweight and graceful bodies deserve to be mentioned in any history of Ferrari, not only for their visual beauty, but also because they epitomized the dual nature of early Ferrari production GT cars.
24 Jaques Swaters - Ferrari's Man in Belgium
We visited the Founder of the Garage and Écurie Francorchamps

Guy Mangiamele

Guy Mangiamele

In 1949, a very young man, who had perhaps just reached the age of legal consent, began racing cars in Belgium. His name was Jacques Swaters, and his passion for motor sports quickly became a primary focus of his life. In the company of a few friends, a racing team called Écurie Franchorchamps was formed, and they began to race sports cars of many makes, including Jaguars and Ferraris, across Europe.
28 Fire and Ice
Any time to look at five GTOs is a fine time indeed

Steven Napolitano

There was bitter cold, there was penetrating damp, there was blinding snow as far as the eye could behold. It was the worst time of year in the worst of locales to bring valuable cars out into the open to take a photograph, but when Richard Fritz of Amerispec in Danbury, Connecticut called and told us he had no less that five 288 GTO's in his shop at that very moment and would we like to shoot them, somehow the obstacles seemed minor.
30 Ferrari 250 GT Boano
Its looks might be simple but its Heart is a Ferrari. Ferrari's first production GT aims to regain its due

David Edgerton

We were quaffing back a few at the end of a Concours d'Elagane with a friend of yours and ours, a known and famous Ferrari expert, when out of the crowd came a bubbling neophyte to ask from whence came the name "Boano."
35 Ferrari 250 GT Boano Specifications
37 The Dino 156 Prototipo
The Dawn of a new Era at Ferrari

Jerry McDermott

Courtesy of Jonathan Thompson, Giovanni Cavara, Jerry McDermott, Ferrari, Antonio di Giusti

Between the 2.5 litre front engined Dino 246 F1 and the 1.5 litre rear engined Dino 156 F1 Ferrari, there was another car, the first mid engined Ferrari formula car and it was called the Dino 156 prototype. It is an almost forgotten car, yet due to the lessons learned with the car, Ferrari would once again achieve its dual goals.
40 1960 Rear Engined Grand Prix Prototypes
Dino 246 F1 Protottype and 156 F2 Prototype Specifications
42 Servizio Ferrari Bodywork, its care and restoration
part I

Scott Grundfor

Courtesy of Scott Restorations

Originally automobile bodies were nothing more than carriages or buggies fitted with an internal combustion engine instead of a more for motion. The bodies of those early vehicles consisted of a wooden framework covered by wood, leather or fabric. As the automobile evolved in the early part of this century, the wooden framework remained but the covering material was changed to sheet steel or aluminium.
46 Notizie Four Borranis to go, hold the chrome
Ferraris look better with a set of Borranis on them, but this is heresy; Ferraris, to be correct, must wear their original wheels and we surely don't want to start something here. Originality, as we've often noted, is the only way to go. In any event, if your Ferrari came with Borranis, there are now several outfits who will repair and restore your Borranis to new, if need be.
46 Notizie Maranello opens the Spigot
We came across some interesting figures on Ferrari production for 1986, and all those figures point to the conclusion that the year was a abaser one in all respects for the men in Maranello. Responding to an increased and, it seems, insatiable demand, Ferrari upped production by 17% over the year before to a total of 3,663 automobiles. This is well beyond the 3,000 car limit that Ferrari officials last year indicated would be the optimum level for the factory.
50 Corse GTO Evoluzione on test

Auto Motor und Sport

The "GTO Evoluzione" at speed at Imola in Italy, during test drive conducted by the German magazine "Auto Motor und Sport'.
51 Assistenza Assistenza
54 Calendario Calendario
56 Avvisi Economici Avvisi Economici