Cavallino Magazine issue 200

April / May 2014

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Publishing John W. Barnes, Jr., ISSN 0889-2504
Dimensions softcover, 80 pages, 208 x 277 mm

American English language icon Cover Ferrari LaFerrari
The Journal of Ferrari History

Cavallino is the journal of Ferrari history, covering Ferraris old and new for over 40 years. It's the most reliable, most trusted source of everything Ferrari. Ever since the first issue in 1978 Cavallino presents extensive stories and detailed information from knowledgeable experts and enthusiasts who share the passion for Ferrari. All Ferraris are unique, and each one has its own chassis serial number. This is how the Ferrari world keeps track of all the great cars. Cavallino is the only publication that prints the serial number for every Ferrari mentioned in our stories, articles, and race results.

Cover of Cavallino Magazine issue 200, April / May 2014

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Our list of items for you in this number 200
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An early correspondence with the one and only - Enzo Ferrari
In 1978, Cavallino magazine was born by two enthusiasts who thought a Ferrari magazine would be fun, and easy to do. It definitively was fun but more work than anyone ever thought. Charles Queener was the first Editor, John Barnes the Publisher, and after the first two ideas were published they had the innocent idea of sending copies to Enzo Ferrari himself.
8 Feature A Ferrari fit for a Princess
The Last of a Royal Line - Ferrari 205 GT Europa Vignale, s/n 0359 GT

Alan Boe

Jerry Wyszatycki, Michael Gregg, Courtesy Marcel Massini

Vigilant built some dazzling bodies for the early Ferraris, but its time was limited. Ferrari went in a different direction with Pinin Farina and the eloquent designs from Vignale were no more.
The final Vignale rendition on a Ferrari chassis - the 250 GT, s/n 0359 GT, was ordered by Princess Liliana de Réthy, an avid collector of early Ferraris.
23 The History of Cavallino in 200 Covers

Edwin van Nes, Michael Gregg, David Williams

33 Feature Palm Beach Cavallino Classic 23
January 22-26, 2014

Cavallino Staff

It was a good year, with more Ferraris, and more interesting Ferraris, then ever before. Judging was extremely tough, as the quality of Ferraris continue to grow. The historic racing grew, with new marques in the Pre-War Group and the classic cars at Mar-a-Lago also reached a new level of rarity, celebrity and uniqueness.
34 Feature Cavallino Classic Competition at PBIR
Palm Beach Cavallino Classic 23

David Seibert

The 3nd Cavallino Classic Competition was well received at Palm Beach International Raceway on the Thursday and Friday of the Cavallino Classic. It was the third rendition of this homage to classic racing, with more Alfas and with other pre-war giants, along with Ferraris and Maseratis. The aim is to continue historic racing in friendly, safe and secure surroundings.
36 Feature La Bella Macchina at Jet Aviation
Palm Beach Cavallino Classic 23

Cavallino Staff

Michael Gregg, David Brady, Peter Singhof

The "La Bella Macchina" Jet Reception was held once more at the Jet Aviation FBO facility at Palm Beach International Airports, hosted by our Jet Reception partner, the internationally known Jet Aviation. Following the Tour of Palm Beach that afternoon, more than 110 Ferraris were positioned on the tarmac in the midst of both private jets and vintage aircraft.
37 Feature Grand Driving Tour of Palm Beach
Palm Beach Cavallino Classic 23

Cavallino Staff

Michael Gregg, Etienne Vanaret

The Grand Tour of Palm Beach on Thursday afternoon is held for those who are not into careening around a track but still wish to enjoy their Ferraris on the road in interesting surroundings. The manicured streets and avenues of Palm Beach fit the bill, as does the picturesque drive on AIA along the Atlantic Ocean.
37 Feature Lecture Series explores the basics
Palm Beach Cavallino Classic 23

Cavallino Staff

Chris Current

Only two Ferraris were on display at the Cavallino Lecture Series at The Breakers on Thursday morning, but they easily filled the bill since they were both rare and unique.
The 1948 Ferrari 166 Spyder Corsa, s/n 016 I owned by the Collier Museum was lectured by Scott George.
A 1964 Ferrari 250 LM, s/n 6045 was discussed by Jeremy & James Cottingham of DK Engineering.
38 Feature Palm Beach Cavallino Classic Concorso d'Eleganza
Palm Beach Cavallino Classic 23

Chris Current, Pat Current

David Brady, Etienne Vanaret, Michael Gregg, Jerry Wyszatycki, Peter Singhof

As the Concorso d'Eleganza on Saturday, the Ferraris were judged by teams of expert Ferrari Judges, using the universally accepted standards of the International Advisory Council for the Preservation of the Ferrari Automobile (IAC/PFA), founded by Ed Gilbertson.
45 Feature Bentley Brunch at Mar-a-Lago
Palm Beach Cavallino Classic 23

Cavallino Staff

David Brady, Etienne Vanaret, Jerry Wyszatycki, Peter Singhof

The 2nd Cavallino Classic ended its busy five days of activities with a pleasant day on Sunday at Classic Sports Sunday at the beautiful Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida. Bentley was the featured marque and a solid assembly of new and old Bentleys was on display.
50 Storica Auto da Corsa Weekends of racing in Vaca Vally, California
Ocean's Eleven

Andreas Dziedzic

Hewitt Collection

The history of Ferrari racing in the USA is a fertile field of study - who raced where, but more importantly, what Ferrari was it. The latest mystery to uncover - the Ferraris at the Vaca Valley races in California.
A number of excellent articles have been published in Cavallino Magazine (issues 124-129) tracing the history of the Neumann Ferraris. Concerning the 1958 Vaca Valley Road Races, only a little information was available.
58 Corse Ferrari in Formula One 2014
The season begins with new rules, new car, new everything

Keith Bluemel

Ferrari SpA., Paolo D'Alessio

The F1 season begins for Ferrari, with a whole new set of rules. Is the new Ferrari F14T up to the task?
We shall see soon in Australia, as all the teams struggle with the new paradigm. An overview of the F1 rules and the year ahead.
62 Corse Ferrari GT Racing 2014

Keith Bluemel

Denis L. Tanney

Ferrari 458 GT2s and GT3s have a good start at the Daytona 24 Hours, where new rules are also present as part of a new combined sanctioned series.
66 Mercato Ferraris in Scottsdale 2014
Scottsdale sees more records - no end in sight?

Rick Carey

There seems to be no lack of many to chase the best Ferraris, this with good provenance and low build numbers. But is it reaching a point where the best cares are hard to come by?
67 Mercato Ferraris in Paris 2014
Paris sees a possible pause

Cavallino Staff, Arnaud Meunier, Olivier Bidaud

The Paris auctions saw some records for big Ferraris, but the average Ferrari results were lukewarm. Does this presage a fall, or is it just that quality Ferraris are hard to come by for the auction houses?
70 Guida A guide to all Ferraris produced
Plus the market as of April 1, 2014 ... from a survey of selected dealers

Keith Bluemel, Cavallino Staff