Cavallino Magazine issue 152

April / May 2006

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Publishing John W. Barnes, Jr., ISSN 0889-2504
Dimensions softcover, 72 pages, 208 x 277 mm

American English language icon Cover The Ferrari TRC Hot Rod, s/n 0672 MDTR, photographed in California

Vic Flair

The Journal of Ferrari History

Cavallino is the journal of Ferrari history, covering Ferraris old and new for over 40 years. It's the most reliable, most trusted source of everything Ferrari. Ever since the first issue in 1978 Cavallino presents extensive stories and detailed information from knowledgeable experts and enthusiasts who share the passion for Ferrari. All Ferraris are unique, and each one has its own chassis serial number. This is how the Ferrari world keeps track of all the great cars. Cavallino is the only publication that prints the serial number for every Ferrari mentioned in our stories, articles, and race results.

Cover of Cavallino Magazine issue 152, April / May 2006

Table of Contents

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2 Ecco Ecco
Here is what we have for you in this issue 152


3 Calendario Calendario
Where the Ferraris are and will be in 2006
4 Lettere Lettere
Many and varied thought from your fellow readers, on many matters

Stuart Schlemmer, Courtesy of Maurice Louche, Alberto Sorlini, Courtesy of Jim Clark

8 Corse Corse

Ferrari SpA

MPS Editorial

Ferrari's new Grand Prix car, the 248 F1, is now introduced with reduced fanfare - press and guests only at Mugello on January 24. Will the new V-8 engine, the new chassis, and the new aerodynamic package turn the tide? Will Ferrari be back in the hunt?
12 Notizie Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
Newest front-engines V-12 Sports Car makes debut

Ferrari SpA

Marcel Massini

The Geneva Motor Show provide the venue for Ferrari's unveiling of the new 599 GTB Fiorano, the most powerful 12 cylinder berlinetta ever developed at Maranello. This new model combines the most innovative and technologically advanced features ever applied by Ferrari to a front-mid engined two seater, and sets a new benchmark of excellence in terms of handling, driving pleasure and design.
16 Notizie FXX at Speed
FXX makes its world debut at Bologna Motor Show

Ferrari SpA


The Bologna Motor Show in early December of 2005 provided the venue for Ferrari's world unveiling of the FXX, a car aimes exclusively at a selected group of its most dedicated and passionate Clients, and around which a truly innovative technical/client/constructor collaboration program has been tightly developed.
This prototype, of which just 29 have been built, is the most technologically advanced GT car ever to emerge from Maranello.
17 Notizie Ferrari F430 Challenge
F430 Challenge also makes its world debut at the Bologna Motor Show

Ferrari SpA

Ferrari SpA, Hugo Garritsen

The F430 Challenge, the new Prancing Horse competition car, is derived from the eight cylinder road going berlinetta, and will take part in the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli single series championship from the 2006 season on.
Ferrari has also reaffirmed the strong link between its GT and sporting divisions with the new F430 Challenge, which is specifically designed to meet the expectations of its sportier clients.
19 Notizie Data, data, data

Marcel Massini, Keith Bluemel

Ferraris at the Geneva Motor Show - Geneva, Switzerland - March 2-12, 2006
Ferraris on display at Retromobile - Paris, France - February 10-19, 2006
Ferraris at the New York City Concours d'Elegance - October 2, 2005
20 Feature TRC Hot Rod
John von Neumann's ultimate hot rod presented after a recent restoration

Michael T. Lynch

Vic Flair

The term hot rod has been applied to such a broad selection of cars that hot rodding seems more a state of mind than a specific discipline. Nonetheless, for several generations, a fenderless 1932 Ford Flathead Highboy roadster has exemplified the breed. The Deuce roadster has such a broad appael that at least two have been made with Ferrari engines, one with a 250 GT and one with a 365 GTC/4.
29 Feature 15th Anniversary!
All the Ferraris, all the people, all the racing, all the rewards

Keith Bluemel

Doc, Juha Lievonen, David Brady, Michael Gregg, Keith Bluemel

The fifteenth annual Palm Beach Cavallino Classic was held between January 18 and 22 at it regular host hotel, the sumptuous and imposing Breakers, situated on the ocean edge in Palm Beach. Here the attendees could indulge themselves in superb luxury, with a vast range of on site facilities and high end boutiques, coupled with unspoiled views across the breaking surf over the Atlantic from the rear terrace.
49 Feature Midwest Racing
Ferraris at the Sports Car tracks of Central USA - part four of six

Jerry McDermott, David N. Seielstad

Alan Boe, Jerry McDermott, Jeff Allison

Until 1959, Enzo Ferrari sold customers copies of his latest sports racing cars. Most of the closed Ferraris, however, were strictly road going so few were raced in the USA. But beginning in 1956, Ferrari began building serious GT race cars, and by 1958, the GT berlinettas began to be raced in the USA. For these reasons, most of the early racing Ferraris we have seen were open roadsters, with the GT berlinettas coming later, but occasionally, all through this period, Ferrari owners also raced their street berlinettas or coupes.
60 Guida A Guide to all Ferraris produced
Plus the market as of April 1, 2006... from a survey of selected dealers

Keith Bluemel

Expanded with more information, model type, s/n range, etc. Continually updated!
64 Galleria Galleria
Some products and services of interest, from Ferrari people who want to reach you