Cavallino Magazine issue 133

February / March 2003

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Publishing Cavallino Inc.
Dimensions softcover, 72 pages, 208 x 277 mm

American English language icon Cover The Ferrari 250 GT Pinin Farina Speciale, s/n 0725 GT, photographed in Palm Beach, Florida

Marcel Massini

The Journal of Ferrari History

Cavallino is the journal of Ferrari history, covering Ferraris old and new for over 40 years. It's the most reliable, most trusted source of everything Ferrari. Ever since the first issue in 1978 Cavallino presents extensive stories and detailed information from knowledgeable experts and enthusiasts who share the passion for Ferrari. All Ferraris are unique, and each one has its own chassis serial number. This is how the Ferrari world keeps track of all the great cars. Cavallino is the only publication that prints the serial number for every Ferrari mentioned in our stories, articles, and race results.

Cover of Cavallino Magazine issue 133, February / March 2003

Table of Contents

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2 Ecco Ecco

Keith Bluemel

You are here. Our menu for this issue 133.
3 Lettere Lettere

A. Buisson, John Starkey, Michitake Isobe, Alexis Callier, Alan Leach, Antoine Prunet

A. Buisson, Alan Leach, Ed Riggins

Your fellow enthusiasts share their thoughts. If you have an opinion, they and we welcome it.
7 Notizie Monterey Experience 2002

Alan Boe

Kyle Burt

If you like Ferraris, especially the older ones, or if you just like vintage sports and racing cars in general, you want to be on California's Monterey Peninsula the third weekend of August each year.
9 Notizie GTO's assemble once again for a ride through history
... and, if you must know, the better wine and food haunts of France

Roland Bloch, Keith Bluemel, Marcel Massini, Andreas Meiniger, Pierre Goossens

Marcel Massini

This was the fifth such reunion for these storied Ferraris, with twenty three samples making the trip from around the world.
12 Notizie Le Mans reborn, with actual racing by the cars which made the race a classic
Le Mans Classic, September 21-22, 2002

Keith Bluemel, Pierre Goossens

Hugo Garritsen

Your old friends, Patrick and Sylviane Peter, the organizers each year of the famed Tour Auto and other events, have outdone themselves with their new Le Mans Classic, a set of races on the actual Le Mans circuit using the very cars which ran beginning in 1923.
16 Letteratura Sportscar Heaven - by Chris Nixon
Aston Martin DBR1 vs. Ferrari Testa Rossa

Reviewed by Alan Boe

Rivalries are an integral part of competitive sports, whether its a sedentary chess match or American football, whether its a World Cup soccer match or The Ryder Cup, and certainly motor sports has had it share of rivalries down through the years.
18 Notizie A Collector's Dream
Ferrari F40 Le Mans, s/n 97904
Last of only 19 built; one of only two so equipped, 760 HP, 2855 CC, 2 turbochargers with boost, 8,0:1 compression. Auction scheduled for February 12, 2003
22 Mercato Mercato
The market as of January 1, 2003, from a survey of selected dealers
Market remains stable, but activity grinds to a halt. Do we wait until the recession lifts? Ferraris are supposed to be immune.
24 Feature The Barchetta that never was
1949 Ferrari 166 MM Touring Barchetta, s/n 0012 M

Antoine Prunet

Antoine Prunet, Courtesy of Antoine Prunet Collection

To the casual observer, it looked like a Scaglietti 500 TRC of 1957, even though the experts commonly believed it to be a 166 MM, born as a Touring Barchetta in 1949. A very careful study conducted recently, however, revealed a quite different reality, and which resulted in a stunning restoration.
32 Feature Ferrari Royale
1951 Ferrari 250 GT Coupé Speciale, s/n 0725 GT

Marcel Massini

Marcel Massini

The distinguised, and need we say aristocratic, career of the 250 GT Coupe Speciale, s/n 0725GT.
40 Feature Bella Figura
1952 Ferrari 212 Inter Vignale Coupe, s/n 0197 EL

Keith G. Bluemel

Keith G. Bluemel

The stylish attractiveness of the 212 Inter Coupe Vignale, s/n 0197EL
46 Feature Tire Wars
The well and true story of Goodyear's entry into post war racing and the special relationship with Ferrari, told by Federico Gambini

Interviewed by Geraldo Dermotti

As the interview was winding down, the last thing he said to me was, "Remember the Pseudonym I have used, Federico Gambini, as it sounds better for Ferrari magazine. Therefore, I Geraldo Dermotti (also known as your humble scribe, Jerry McDermott), am pleased to present to you the true story of Goodyear Tires' incredible rise to dominance in postware racing."
52 Galleria Galleria
Some products of interest, from people who want to reach you and do some Ferrari business