Cavallino Magazine issue 118

August / September 2000

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Editor John W. Barnes Jr.
Publishing Cavallino Inc.
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American English language icon Cover Ferrari 360 Spider, photographed at Spa

Andreas Meiniger

The Journal of Ferrari History

Cavallino is the journal of Ferrari history, covering Ferraris old and new for over 40 years. It's the most reliable, most trusted source of everything Ferrari. Ever since the first issue in 1978 Cavallino presents extensive stories and detailed information from knowledgeable experts and enthusiasts who share the passion for Ferrari. All Ferraris are unique, and each one has its own chassis serial number. This is how the Ferrari world keeps track of all the great cars. Cavallino is the only publication that prints the serial number for every Ferrari mentioned in our stories, articles, and race results.

Cover of Cavallino Magazine issue 118, August / September 2000

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2 Ecco Ecco

Mark Wallach

3 Notizie Ferrari 550 Millennio on Track
A closer look at this GT contender

Henry T. Kistler

Henry T. Kistler

The Ferrari 550 Millennio is being campaigned in the GT class in the FIA GT Championship this year by the First Racing Team with driver Fabian Giroix and Jean-Denis Deletraz. The car made its reappearance in the series at Monza on April 15-16, after missing the second round at Estoril two weeks earlier.
5 Notizie Ferrari 360 Spider makes Public Appearance
It really is a new model from Ferrari

Andreas Meiniger

Andreas Meiniger, MPS Editorial Services

Presented at Spa-Francorchamps during the Spa Ferrari Days was a new 360 Spider, one of the first to be seen in public and not on a viewing stand. The cars were not ready to be delivered yet at this point on the beginnning of May, but such is the power and influence of Jacques Swaters that he was able to request a demonstration model for this large and important event in his home country.
6 Notizie Ferrari 360M GT & Ferrari 360 Challenge
Ferrari 360M GT race care of to a difficult start. New Ferrari 260 Challenge cars create a following.

Andreas Meiniger, Henry T. Kistler, Alexis Callier, Junichiro Hiramatsu

The Ferrari 360 Modena has begun to enter FIA GT Championship races in Europe, and to date it has been found to be something of a laggard compared to the competition in class N-GT, most notably the Porsches. But these early entrants are little more than 360 Challenge cars, even though they are called 360M GT, and they have much room to grow.
9 Feature Ferrari and the United States Grand Prix
The Team's involvement in America and all the results gathered together.

Michael T. Lynch

Nigel Snowdon, The Klemantaski Collection

On September 24, 2000, the United States Grand Prix will take place at the spiritual home of American racing, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The Speedway has built a costly new road racing circuit inside the oval, which will run clockwise and utilize parts of the oval corse, include the short chute between oval turns two and one. The start will take place, naturally, on the main straight.
25 Feature The first US GP
A personal memoir of Sebring 1959 - part One

Jeff Allison

Jeff Allison

On December 12, 1959, Jack leete and Jeff Allison, two intrepid eighteen year olds, hurriedly finished their early morning paper routes and jumped in Jack's similarly intrepid MG-TD for a top down, wind-in-your-face, 90 mile journey. They were on their way to the first ever Formula One race in the U.S., and their destination was the sleepy, orange grove surrounded town of Sebring.
30 Feature The first US GP
A personal memoir of Sebring 1959 - part Two

Jerry McDermott

Jerry McDermott

Sebring was a very unlikely location to decicde the Formula One Championship - not smooth paved roads through the forests or city streets or uphill glens, but concrete aircraft runway! In spite of this, the course was actually well known to the Europeans, due to the annual running of the Sebring Twelve Hour Race for sports cars that had started ten years before in 1950.
34 Feature A Car - a Race - an Era
An appreciation of all that is the Ferrari 335 Sport, with a special look at s/n 0700

Louis Klemantaski, Edward Eves, Mark Wallach, jim Sitz

Making the rounds of various historic events the past few seasons has been a Ferrari that is one of the rarer Ferrari model types, in that it actually is part of a quite small and rather select grouping of Ferrari sports racing cars. We had a chance recently to photograph s/n 0700, and we were also able to gather a wealth of interesting and pertinent material, both visual and written, on its history.
39 Feature Creating the ultimate sports car engine
50 engines in 10 years - from 1.5 litres to 4 litres, two cams to four

Mark Wallach

Ferrari SpA courtesy Richard Merritt

In the beginning, Enzo Ferrari saw a twelve cylinder Packard race car, in the year of our lord 1921. The engine design became a fixation until he became independent many years later and could build cars and engines on his own. All he needed was an engine to begin his dream, and from there he could easily build a car.
43 Feature An Engine is an Engine is an Engine
A bit of Ferrari "arcania" on the engine 0700

Peter Sachs

Mark Wallach

When we began the restoration of s/n 0700 in the early 1990s, the first puzzling item was the numero interno on its engine: 142/1.
45 Feature "He who leads at Roma"
Riding in s/n 0700 for 870 very fast miles. Report from the scene

Louis Klemantaski

Louis Klemantaski

I could not resist the call of the Mille Miglia, and when I was once again asked to join Peter Collins in the Ferrari team I agreed with pleasurable anticipation. Last year, in the most terrible weather conditions, the hardship and strain had been more than recompensed by the thrill of watching Pter balancing the car against natural forces to avery about 84 mph over 1000 miles of flooded and slippery roads.
52 Corse Ferrari's season gathers momentum
FIA Formula One Championship

Mark Sonnery


Spanish Grand Prix, May 7, 2000
Grand Prix of Europe, May 21, 2000
Monaco Grand Prix - June 4, 2000
Canadian Grand Prix - June 18, 2000
French Grand Prix - July 2, 2000
Austrian Grand Prix - July 16, 2000
53 Corse The F333 SP
Meanwhile, this now obsolete model is priving to be a die hard and keeps on going, both in Europe and in the U.S.
53 Corse Ferrari 360 Modena on track
The little sister in the group is the only one which was due to be backed by the Factory, with a development program spearheaded by, but not exclusive to, Jean Pierre Jabouille's team in collaboration with the Factgory sanctioned Michelotto race shop.
56 Corse Grand Prix Historique de Monaco
A good idea takes hold - Monaco hosts its second historic race

Keith Bluemel, Henry T. Kistler

Keith Bluemel

The Monaco circuit, arguably the most charismatic Grand Prix circuit in the world, hosted the Automobile Club de Monaco's second Grand Prix Historique over the weekend preceding the Formula One Grand Prix. Apart from the six race program with both free and timed practice sessions, there were no less than three auctions held over the weekend.
57 Corse Mille Miglia survives and prospers
Still the finest vintage sports car rally in the world

Marcel Massini, Pierre Goossens, Henry T. Kistler

MPS Editorial Services

The year 2000 Mille Miglia Historica is over and by all accounts it was as enjoyable as it was amusing. Enjoyable in that it was a classic event as always, with some of the finest sports and racing cars let loose on over 1,000 miles of Italian roads; crowds cheering, flags waving, police motorcycles carving a path, fine weather, etc.; it doesn't get much better than this for the true enthusiast.
60 Corse Spa Ferrari Days begins European Historic Racing Season
Shell Historic Ferrari Maserati Challenge

Pierre Goossens, Hugo Garritsen, Andreas Meiniger

Hugo Garritsen, Willy Henderickx

68 Galleria Galleria
Special services for the Ferrari enthusiast