Cavallino Magazine issue 101

October / November 1997

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Editor John W. Barnes Jr.
Publishing Cavallino Inc., ISSN 0889-2504
Dimensions softcover, 72 pages, 208 x 277 mm

American English language icon Cover The Ferrari 250 GTL Lusso, s/n 5247, photographed in California

Guy Mangiamele

The Enthusiast's Magazine of Ferrari

Cavallino is the journal of Ferrari history, covering Ferraris old and new for over 40 years. It's the most reliable, most trusted source of everything Ferrari. Ever since the first issue in 1978 Cavallino presents extensive stories and detailed information from knowledgeable experts and enthusiasts who share the passion for Ferrari. All Ferraris are unique, and each one has its own chassis serial number. This is how the Ferrari world keeps track of all the great cars. Cavallino is the only publication that prints the serial number for every Ferrari mentioned in our stories, articles, and race results.

Cover of Cavallino Magazine issue 101, October / November 1997

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3 Ecco Ecco

Alberto Sorlini / The Klemantaski Collection

6 Lettere Lettere

Pierre Coquet, Alessandro Carrara, E. Hofer, Marc Sonnery, Bruce Whitcher, Dries Jetten, Richard W. Little

Pierre Coquet, Alessandro Carrara, E. Hofer, Bruce Whitcher, Jean-Yves Thonnard, Courtesy of Antoine Prunet, Courtesy of Dries Jetten

14 Notizie A Legend recreated in a legendary manner

Terzo Dalia

Terzo Dalia

There have been wood and cast metal examples of Ferrari engines, but nothing approaches the sheer magnitude of this present project out of Italy. Terzo Dalia has created a Ferrari 250 GTO engine in one-third scale and the detailing is superb.
16 Notizie Ferrari spare parts center in unveiled in Modena

Courtesy of Saima Avandero

The new "Ferrari Centro Ricambi" was put together and is operated by Saima Avandero, a company that transports products worldwide, including new Ferraris.
The building houses the latest in computerized inventory storage and allocation, and the latest in retrieval and shipping.
18 Notizie Ferrari Club of America 1997 North American Field & Driving Concours
Virgina, Washington, DC - May, 22-24, 1997

Ed Gilbertson, Sherry Lindberg

Marc Sonnery

18 Notizie FOCS Spring Meeting braves harsh weather
Ferrari Owners' Club Switzerland

Charles Jacquinet

G. Théophile

In June actually, forty five Ferraris of the Ferrari Owners Club Switzerland held a gathering at the Basle/Mulhouse/Freiburg airport. The Ferraris range from an early 250 GTE 2+2 to the latest F50.
19 Notizie Successor to the Ferrari F355 seen in camouflage

Marcel Massini

Marcel Massini

During a trip to Maranello, your faithful researcher Marcel Massini was able to capture photos of the replacement for the current eight cylinder model. Rumor has its introduction being at the Geneva Auto Salon in March, 1998, and if try, then the mechanical specifications are probably set.
19 World Tour Ferrari reaches Japan

Junichiro Hiramatsu

Junichiro Hiramatsu

This F355 Berlinetta left New York a few months ago and the aim is to circle the globe, driving the car on all land routes, to prove its reliability, endurance, etc. It recently crossed Japan and it took a breather at the Nagoya garage of Junichiro Hiramatsu. The Ferrari Club of Japan held a meeting to welcome this circumnavigating machine, and a party was held at Mr. Hiramatsu's Italian restaurant "Vennini-Est."
22 Feature Prototipo 312 - part Two
The continuing story of the 312 P prototypes, their final races and their current fate

Marc Sonnery

David Brady, Courtesy of Auto Passion, Marc Sonnery

Both 312 Ps, having been retired after their Le Mans return to the Factory, were to be delivered to NART in the U.S. One clearly, was s/n 0870, but what, in fact, was the other? 0868 had suffered a major accident at Monza, but it officially participated at Le Mans ... or had it?
29 Feature The disturbed peace of an Italian lake - the racing that helped to make the Ferrari name
The Circuito del Garda races of 1948-50

Alexis Callier

Alberto Sorlini / The Klementaski Collection

The Circuito del Garda races were first held annually from 1921 to 1927, and then began again after the war, in 1948. The races were run on public roads, closed for the event, along the southwestern side and southern tip of Lake Garda, with the start/finish in the town of Salò. Each lap had a distance of 16.4 km and ran from the lakeside up into the bordering hills and then back down again: a most picturesque and demanding venue.
34 Feature Lusso - Driving the 1960 Ferrari 250 GT/L
Visiting the classic of the 1960s, and going for a ride on the California coast. The thrill is redis

Guy Mangiamele

Guy Mangiamele

In the early 1960s, with aesthetics, aerodynamics, and technical solutions developing rapidly, Ferrari and Pininfarina were at the top of their game. Both companies were alive with meetings, sketches, enthusiasm, and highly opinionated arguments that would shape an era. Designers operated with a sense of Renaissance. There was still much to be learned: new materials, principles, and approaches to be tried, and very few rules. Originality was not feared as a risk, but coveted as an automobile's most important commercial asset.
40 Feature Crossing the Nation in style
Our salon Lusso made the trek from Los Angeles to Virginia with two other Ferraris; all is well

Mark Wallach

Guy Mangiamele

Three Ferraris left Beverly Hills, California in May of this year, headed across the country for 2,854 miles to the FCA National Meet in Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C. There, Cavallino's correspondent, Mark Wallach, interviewed the man who started it all, Michael Yedor.
42 Feature Ferrari at Le Mans 1997
Two start, one finishes at the French classic

Marc Sonnery, John Sinkgraven

John Sinkgraven

No matter if it is the fifties or the nineties, Ferraris are always special at Le Mans. For this year's edition, like last year, two Ferrari F333 SPs made it to La Sarthe. Although his entry was not allowed to run last year due to late entry papers, this time nothing could stop the Italian Moretti from participating with the Momo-liveried F333 SP, chassis number 010. Michel Ferté entered chassis number 005, under the Pilot banner.
48 Corse Ferrari title bid gathers strength and stamina
Formula One Championship

Jean-François Galeron

British Grand Prix - July 13, 1997
German Grand Prix - July 27, 1997
Hungarian Grand Prix - August 10, 1997
Don Erio Belloi, priest of Maranello passed away
Belgian Grand Prix - August 24, 1997
Italian Grand Prix - September 7, 1997
50 Corse New Series of WSC Ferraris announced

Kyle Burst

The Factory is no longer officially in the Ferrari F333 SP program, as it spends all its resources on winning the World Championship in Formule One. It has passed the project off to the specialist race car prep firm, Michelotto, in Padua, Italy; this firm has developed many Ferrari race cars in the last two decades, both for Ferrari and for private owners.
50 Corse Full compliment of WSC Ferraris appears in California
World Sportscar Championship

Vic Oliver

At the Sears Point race in July, there were three regular F333 SP Ferraris and the new Michelotto car. Three of the cars took the first three places on the grid. Hermann and Montermini in the Momo entry, s/n 010, Velez and Dibos in s/n 003, and Linehard and Theys in s/n 016.
50 Corse New WSC Ferrari wins in Europe
International Sports Racing Series

Hugo Garritsen

The second race of the newly-christened International Sports Racing Series was held at Zolder, and it was won by a charging Didier Theys on the last lap. His co-driver was Fredy Lienhard, and the car has been reported to be either s/n 012, which Lienhard has owned for some time, or s/n 016, which Lienhard had ordered from Michelotto.
50 Corse Local Ferrari makes good

Courtesy of Lake Forest Sportscars

Many years ago we covered the frustrating exploits in SCCA of a 1976 Ferrari 308 GTB, s/n 18905, owned by Warren Mosler and driven by Lake Forest Sportscars President Rick Mancuso. Very little went right for the stalwart little machine, and it was retired during the recession. It was recently brought out again, and Mr. Mancuso has won two races in a row in GT-2 class at the Lake Elkhart.
51 Corse Formule One Ferraris given free reign
Modena Motorsport

Henry T. Kistler

For the fourth year in a row, Uwe Meissner from Modena Motorsport in Langenfeld, Germany, organized a meeting at he Nürburgring for customers and friends in July. Exotic Ferraris are invited, but every effort is made to secure Ferrari's Formula One machines, the "ultimate" Ferrari in the view of some Ferrari afficionados. This year there were no less than fourteen cars of various vintage, from a Ferrari 625 to a Ferrari 412 T2.
51 Corse Ferrari gains ground in Inter-Marque rivalry
Ferrari-Porsche Challenge in Europe

Hugo Garritsen

Hugo Garritsen

Initially, the Ferraris were facing a difficult time, overwhelmed as they were by hordes of Porsches, but lately, they've gained ground. Louis Machiels brought his modified F40, s/n 83667 and eventually came in a remarkable second place.
51 Corse Series Leader storms Japanese Challenge
Ferrari Challenge

Junichiro Hiramatsu

In past years, the Ferrari Challenge in Japan has seen diverse winners from race to race, but this year one man seems to have taken everyone's measure. Yoshio Tsuzuki from Nagoya has captured the third and fourth rounds, first at the Sportland Sugo Circuit in Sendai City, and then at the Tsukuba track, in his F355 Berlinetta, s/n 104252.
51 Corse Seattle invites Ferraris

Richard Felzer

Richard Felzer

The Northwest Historics, now in its ninth year, attracts some very heavy duty iron, and is now part of the "circuit" for many vintage racers. A good grooping of Ferraris was found in the paddock, most noticeably the Ferrari TR59, s/n 0768, of Pete Lovely
54 Corse Famous drivers paid homage at Coys
Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone - July 25-27, 1997

Andreas Birner, John Sinkgraven

Courtesy of Coys

There have been many big events celebrating Ferrari's 50th in Europe, but other than Ferrari's own show in Rome, Modena and Maranello, the on to entice the rarest of Ferraris seems to have been the giant Coys Internationational Historic Festival at Silverstone in July. To celebrate Ferrari's 50th, the Coys International Historic Festival at Silverstone saluted Ferrari in July, and it made a great effort to gather all the "ancient piloti" who helped make the marque legendary.
54 Corse Dutch event draw interesting Ferraris in a tough year
Italia a Zandvoort

Hugo Garritsen

Hugo Garritsen

This being Ferrari's 50th Anniversary, many of the European Ferraris were headed for Rome, so some standard events were temporarily down in numbers. But Italia a Zandvoort had some good local Ferraris, including the splendid Ferrari 250 GTO of Ferrari importer Frits Kroymans, s/n 4757 GT.
55 Corse Nürburgring hosts Ferrari Racing Days

Pierre Goossens

The big draw at this event in July was the ongoing Shell Historical Challenge organized by Ferrari impressario Jean Sage. Over thirty vintage Ferraris, and a dozen pre-war Scuderia Ferrari Alfa Romeos, took part in some very exciting racing. Many drivers, of course, are simply enjoying themselves and stay out of each other's way, but at the top the competition is reasonably intense.
55 Corse Several series are feted at Nürburgring

Hugo Garritsen

Along with the Shell Historic Challenge there were several other events, including the regular Challenge for F355 Ferraris, a F355 "Trofeo Pirelli", a race for special and modified Ferraris, and a demonstration run of Formula One cars. The pits were awash with competition Ferraris.
57 Galleria Galleria
Special services for the Ferrari enthusiast
70 Mercato Mercato
The market as of October 1, 1997, from a survey of selected dealers