Cavallino Magazine issue 100

August / September 1997

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Editor John W. Barnes Jr.
Publishing Cavallino Inc., ISSN 0889-2504
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American English language icon Cover The Ferrari F50 GT, s/n 001, photographed at Ferrari of San Francisco

Ron Kimball

The Enthusiast's Magazine of Ferrari

Cavallino is the journal of Ferrari history, covering Ferraris old and new for over 40 years. It's the most reliable, most trusted source of everything Ferrari. Ever since the first issue in 1978 Cavallino presents extensive stories and detailed information from knowledgeable experts and enthusiasts who share the passion for Ferrari. All Ferraris are unique, and each one has its own chassis serial number. This is how the Ferrari world keeps track of all the great cars. Cavallino is the only publication that prints the serial number for every Ferrari mentioned in our stories, articles, and race results.

Cover of Cavallino Magazine issue 100, August / September 1997

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100 issues of Cavallino

John W. Barnes, Jr.

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Marcel Massini, Christian Huet, Jon A. Shirley, David G. Seibert, Lance Hill, Tony Watson, Dyke Ridgley, Jorge Salgao Uribe

Attualfoto, Bruce Carroll, John Starkey, Jorge Salgado Uribe

16 Notizie Ferrari Club gathers the faithful in Virginia

Marc Sonnery

At their Annual Meeting in May, the Ferrari Club of America hosted several early Ferraris, among them the first Touring Barchetta ever made, s/n 0002 M. It was presented on the Ferrari stand at the 1948 Turin Salon, and was immediately bought by Los Angeles collector, Tommy Lee.
16 Notizie Reading Concours attracts several outstanding cars
Despite chill weather at its thirteenth event in early May, the Reading show of Pietro Castiglioni brought out a quality display of Ferraris and their brave owners. Winning the Enzo Ferrari Award for Best of Show was Robert Dusek's superlative 365 P2/3, s/n 0832. This racer came out of a many year restoration recently, and is a classic example of the prototype cars of the mid 1960s.
16 Notizie New model honors 30th Anniversary of Ferrari 330 P4

CMA Photo

Experienced modeller Marshall Buck has announced his latest limited edition of 1/24th scale, highly detailed, hand built collector models. It is the 1967 Ferrari 330 P4 Spyder; done up in the format in which it won the 1967 Daytona 24 Hour race, with Chris Amon and Lorenzo Bandini driving. It is therefore 2/n 0846, and the model is the result of two years of intensive research.
16 Notizie Unique Coupe makes debut at Reading

Mark Wallach

Recently restored and looking elegant in a reserved and dignified manner was the Ferrari 212 Inter Ghia Coupe of David Letterman, s/n 0185 EL, brought by restorer Francois Sicard. As early Ferraris go, this car has a huge body, intended no doubt to give four occupants extra elbow room inside. You can see how it drapes itself over the tires and extends several inches beyond them.
16 Notizie Belgian Post Office honors Spa, and Ferrari
Published last year, this stamp commemorates the 100 year existence of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, from 1896 to 1996. The car chosen to illustrate the stamp is the yellow Ferrari 412 P (330 P3/4), s/n 0850, campaigned by the great Ecurie Francorchamps in 1967. Its number indicates its race at the 1000 Km of Spa, driven by Willy Mairesse and Jean Blaton (Beurlys).
18 Notizie Long lost Ferrari resurfaces in California

Industrial Publishing

The Ferrari 500 TRs were sold to privateers in 1956 to contest those races which had two liter classes. These cars had generally good success in Europe and Franco Cortese even became the "Champion of Italy" in one. In the U.S. several 500 TRs were noteworthy, including the one campaigned by John von Neumann in California, s/n 0650 MDTR.
18 Notizie Swiss Ferrari Club joins 1997 Celebrations
Ferrari Owner's Club Switzerland

Ferrari Owner's Club Switzerland

In this year of Ferrari anniversaries, the Ferrari Owner's Club Switzerland can stand and take a bow, having started in 1972, twenty five years ago. It was originally the Bugatti-Ferrari Club but became its own Ferrari marque organization in 1983. It is limited to 200 owners and its priority is still to organize Ferrari meetings with a social character, cultivating close friendships among its members.
18 Notizie Aerial Celebration of Ferrari's 50th

Ken Gross

Petersen Museum, Shin Takei

As part of its six month long exhibition of "Ferrari at 50", the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, along with the Southwest Region of the Ferrari Club of America, positioned thirty-six Ferraris of different vintage on their garage roof to spell out "50!"
18 Notizie Spa Ferrari Days is more than just racing

Willy Henderickx, Hugo Garritsen

Hugo Garritsen

Many special older Ferraris are brought out for display, such as this Ferrari 225 S Vignale Berlinetta, s/n 0152 EL, owned now by Ennio Gianarolli. This car had many successes in France in 1952 in the hands of its first owners, Pierre Boncompagni, also known as Pagnibon. These small, quiet, unassuming coupes could do amazing speeds, and of course, they were reliable in the field.
18 Notizie A keepsake for a special year
The Roaring Races by Giulio Schmidt
One of the best books on Enzo Ferrari's early life, and his career aas a driver, is "The Roaring Races" by Giulio Schmidt. It was translated into English and published by Pietro Castiglioni several years ago, but in this unique year, Pietro had 100 of the books specially boxed, and each book has a bookplate autographed by the legendary Gigi Villoresi.
20 Feature Roman Holiday
Ferrari hosts the party of the year as the world celebrates Ferrari's 50th Anniversary

Michael T. Lynch, Marcel Massini

Jay Lawrence, Andreas Meiniger, Marcel Massini, Hugo Garritsen

From the time we arrived in Rome, several days before the Ferrari 50th Anniversary celebration was to begin, the presence of Ferrari was noticeable. Bookstores had their automotive sections stock with Ferrari titles, posters were everywhere and there were TV features each evening about Ferrari Ferrari history and racing.
Ferrari collectors from all over the world had been invited to the event so that there would be examples of practically every model Ferrari has made.
33 Feature Memories in Monte Carlo
History brought alive on a truly grand scale as Monaco lives up to its reputation

Michael T. Lynch, Marcel Massini, Andreas Birner, Henry T. Kistler, Andreas Meiniger

Henry T. Kistler, Michael T. Lynch, Andreas Meiniger

As they have since the year of the Great Crash, the sounds of racing engines reverberated against the buildings on the quays of Monte Carlo. Over two hundred cars were presented under canopies in three one hundred yard rows along the Quai Antoine Ier, each with correct, uniform signs indicating what they were. The French papers were not exaggerating when they spoke of a Musée Roulant.
36 Feature Ferrari 330 P4 - the birth of the ultimate sport-prototype thirty years ago
By the man who designed it and made it a success: Mauro Foghieri

Ing. Mauro Forghieri

Ferrari SpA, Sandro Bacchi, Nigel Snowdon

The Ferrari 330 P4 was born one late afternoon on one of the last days of the week following the Le Mans 24 Hours of 1966. It was the end of June and the humid atmosphere of late summer had already set in Maranello. When Enzo Ferrari sent for me I was in the Engines Room, supervising assembly of the 60 degree, twelve cylinder, three liter engine for the single seaters which Bandini and Parkes were to drive at Rheims, in the French Grand Prix of July 3rd.
42 Feature Ferrari F50 GT - the new Era arrives
In its 50th year Ferrari presents a car which embodies all that Ferrari was, and is, and will be

Ron Kimball

It arrived in the U.S. at San Francisco by airfreight on Friday, April 18, and quickly was held up in Customs since they didn't know what the thing was. Through the kind intervention of Richard Merritt, the car was allowed immediate entry. In was unpacked by the mechanics at Ferrari of San Francisco late in the day, it was put on a trailer overnight to Los Angeles, and it arrived just in time to be the star of the Rodeo Drive Concours on Saturday April 19.
48 Feature Enzo Ferrari - A Tribute

Franco Zagari Collection

In honor of this special year for the man who began it all, with quotations from his writings on his philosophy of life, sport, and racing.
65 Feature An Italian Dream
Anniversaries abound at the Mille Miglia, for Ferrari, Phil Hill and the Spyder Corsa

David Sydorick, Pierre Goossens, Marcel Massini, Henry T. Kistler, Vincent Yernaux

Henry T. Kistler, Andreas Meiniger, Attualfoto, Pierre Goossens

The Mille Miglia was about to celebrate its 70th birthday as was Phil. Ferrari, my 166 Spyder Corse, and I were celebrating our 50th. Late last year Phil Hill had agreed to drive my s/n 002 C in the Mille Miglia.
Anticipation is always full of excitement and anxiety. For months we sorted the old horse. I can still see us at Steve Tillack's shop, Phil and I standing in the seats of the first Ferrari, jumping up and down, as Phil gave instructions on how to adjust the friction shocks.
72 Corse American Challenge sees new talent taking the flag

Alan Yorgason

New to the series last year, Carlos Hank, Jr. has found his stride and has won several of the last few races, one in Texas, and the other here at Sears Point. The car should be s/n 104390, and was prepared by Ferrari of Houston. But the older "Challengisti", as the drivers are now called, are not far behind.
72 Corse Ferrari-Porsche Challenge pits two rivals in pitched battles

Hugo Garritsen

Hugo Garritsen

At Zandvoort in May, the second round of this series pitted five gallant Ferraris - an modified F40 (s/n 80782), a 348 GT Competizione, and three F355 Challenge cars - against a tidal wave of over thirty Porsches. The Ferraris finished well, but were still overrun by this mass of teutonic engineering. More Ferraris are needed to turn back the tide.
72 Ferrari Challenge at Spa encounters fierce and hectic brawling

Pierre Goossens, Jean-Yves Thonnard

Hugo Garritsen

The European Challenge races are hotly contested, and more of this is seen on the majestic and inspiring circuit at Spa. The central and western divisions were at the Spa Ferrari Days, and the F355 racing was eclectic.
72 Corse Modified Ferraris are given a place to run at Spa

Willy Henderickx, Pierre Goossens

Hugo Garritsen

Headaches abound for Ferrari historians in the future, but for now, owners who make performance modifications to their Ferraris can do combat at Spa. In the hotly contested Class B among others Louis Machiels in his F40 (s/n 83667), race number 75 and Rainer Brandtsetter in his F40 (s/n 80749).
72 Corse Holding the line at Spa

Michiel Mulder

Michiel Mulder

The first place winner in the central division at Spa was Karl Baron, in his nicely turned out Ferrari F355 Challenge, s/n 101638. Nearly stock, these F355 models have turned out to be excellent track cars, offering a good amount of speed and a stable ride to the above average amateur racer. Early problems with brakes and gearboxes have been solved, and the engines have proved to be bullet proof.
74 Corse Ferrari comes alive and heads for the Crown
Formula One Championship

Marc Sonnery

Jean-Francois Galeron

Monaco Grand Prix - May 11, 1997
Spanish Grand Prix - May 25, 1997
Canadian Grand Prix - June 15, 1997
French Grand Prix - June 29, 1997
78 Corse GT Racing spreads around the globe

Junichiro Hiramatsu

Junichiro Hiramatsu

In Japan, a new GT series has been organized called the "All Japan Grand Touring Car Championship", and the Ferrari Club of Japan has taken up the Challenge. It has prepared two Ferrari F355s and one (s/n 104466) was entered in the first race in Suzuka in March, driven by Le Mans driver Tetsuya Ota.
At the second race in Fuji two cars were entered. The s/n 104466 was driven by Tetsuya Ota and Anders Olofsson. The number 28 F355 (s/n 100691) was driven by Masahiro Yamazaki and Masonori Sugiyama.
78 Corse Ferrari F333 SP Competitors keep Championship in sight

Denis L. Taney

The Moretti Racing team of Antonio Hermann and Andrea Montermini took a well deserved first place at Lime Rock on Memorial Day weekend in s/n 010.
They nearly did it again at Watkins Glen a week later when they were clearly in the lead toward the end of the race.
78 Corse Historic Racers share limelight with Challenge

Alan Yorgason

Alan Yorgason

Also at the Sears Point weekend in May were the vintage racers of all types, including a few Ferraris, among them the 250 TR, s/n 0756 TR of Lou Sellyei, Jr. In addition there was the TRs of Tony Wang, s/n 0722 TR, and David Love, s/n 0754 TR. This event also presented the demonstration laps of the new Ferrari F40 GT.
78 Corse Japanese Ferrari Challenge attracts new cars and drivers

Junichiro Hiramatsu

Junichiro Hiramatsu

Going from strength to strength, the Challenge for 1997 sees new talent among the old stalwarts. In the first race at the rain soaked Tsukuba Circuit, visitor Patrick van Schoote won in s/n 104378. In the second race at the TI Adia Circuit, the winner was Touru Kirikae in s/n 104416.
81 Corse Monza hosts historic Ferraris at speed
Challenge Storico Ferrari Shell

Marcel Massini, Henry T. Kistler

Marcel Massini

Begun last year by impressario Jean Sage, the Ferrari Shell Historic Challenge is meant to be the vintage equivalent of the succesful Challenge for late model Ferraris. It has garnered an impressive number of classic cars, and their sole purpose is to race, not parade, around the classic tracks of Europe.
82 Galleria Galleria
Special services for the Ferrari enthusiast
102 Mercato Mercato
The market as of August 1, 1997, from a survey of selected dealers