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August / September 2015

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On the cover the Ferrari 166 MM Touring Barchetta, s/n 0064 M Peter Singhof

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The Klementaski Collection
10 Mille Miglia 2015

Approximately 1,000 miles, over four days, in an old Ferrari, on the roads of Italy - a must-do event for every enthusiast.

Cavallino Staff, Marcel Massini, Peter Singhof   Peter Singhof
Auto da Corsa Storica
14 The Villa d'Este Concorso d'Eleganza - on which all other shows are modelled
Elegance in Automobiles is rewarded

Another year of fine weather, another year of Italian culture, another year of elegance - that sums up the Concorso d'Eleganza at Villa d'Este on Lake Como in 2015. There was an international competition from many classic marques and the Ferraris were up against serious competitors.

Cavallino Staff   Olivier Bidaud, Peter Singhof
21 Ferrari Classiche presents a winner at Villa d'Este
The Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta, chassis 0064 M

The 166 MM Barchetta with coachwork by Carrozzeria Touring of Milan is rightly regarded as an iconic design from the very early years of Ferrari production, and traces of its lines can be seen in other manufacturers' sports models of the period, whilst the deisng was also used on other Ferrari models of the time. The body was constructed to Touring's Superleggera principle of lightweight aluminium panels over a frame of small diameter tubes, and the design is attributed to Carlo Felice Anderloni, assisted by one Federico Formenti, whose name appears on the original drawings.

Keith Bluemel   Peter Singhof
26 The Sales Drive from Maranello
by Nathan Beehl & David Williams

What sets this new brochure book apart is that it is such a quantum leap over the first brochure book from the 70s, and over any other book of any kind, in any field. It is complete in that is has all the known literature (90 official Ferrari brochures) from 1940 to 1964, many previously unknown, with their front covers full size in full color.

Cavallino Staff
A Postcard from Maranello

Following on the success of the first book, the same team of enthusiasts - Nathan Beehl, David Williams and a collector/sponsor - decided on a second book of the same caliber, this one about the postcards issued by the Ferrari factory over the years. Why postcards? In an age before extensive TV or the internet, printed matter was the only way to visually convey your message.

Cavallino Staff
39 André-Marie Ruf
A follow-up tribute to the generations
Antony Ruf
42 Ferrari Spyder Corsa 016 I
Extensive new research into the origins of the Ferrari in America

Luigi Chinetti, Sr. probably become acquinted with Enzo Ferrari when they both worked at Alfa Romeo during the 1920s. In December 1946, Chinetti famously made a trip, by automobile, from Paris to Modena to meet with Ferrari and, depending on which version of the story you heard or read, convinced him to build cars that he (Chinetti) could sell, or he placed an order for a number of cars to be built, or convinced Ferrari that there were buyers for his cars in the new world and England that he knew. These stories are contradicted by the facts.

David N. Seielstad, Michael T. Lynch   The Rev Institute for Automotive Research, Etienne Vanaret
58 Notes on the restoriation of 016 I
Then: Alfred Momo, now: Paul Russel

During its racing life with Cunningham, the spyder corsa was maintained by one Alfred Momo from Turin. The Ferrari 166 spyder corse was retained in the museum after its active live. It had never been restored, only maintained as a race car then given some cosmetic attention to its outward appearance. After Collier bought the collection, Collier presented 016 I in 2012 to Paul Russel and Company for a full restoration. The point in time to represent was Watkins Glen 1950.

60 The Ferrari Life of Mauro Forghieri
Mauro Forghieri celebrating his 80th year

On January 13, 2015, Mauro Forghieri crossed the threshold of eighty years, many years of which passed as the Technical Designer of Ferrari. Under his leadership, in the span of time from 1962 to 1984, the Scuderia of Maranello had won a total of 54 Grand Prix Championship races, four World Pilot titles and seven World Manufacturer titles, plus six World GT Manufacturer titles, with wins at Le Mans, Daytona and the Tasman Cup, among others.

Paolo D'Alessio   Courtesy of Paolo D'Alessio
74 Vettel & Raikkonen reluctantly chase Mercedes
FIA Formula 1 Championship

Spain 5/10 Monaco 5/24 Canada 6/07 Austria 6/21 Britain 7/05

Keith Bluemel   Ferrari SpA
76 Ferrari GT at the Le Mans 24 Hours 2015
GT Ferraris converge on Le Mans

The 83rd edition of the Le Mans 24 Hour Race, which was the third round of the 2015 FIA WEC series, was held over the weekend of 13-14 June at the greath Sarthe circuit. For the 2015 running of this classic, there were 56 entrants in four classes, 14 in the LMP1 class, 19 in the LMP2 class, 9 in the LM-GTE PRO class (Ferrari), and 14 in the LM-GTE AM class (Ferrari). Apart from providing the greatest endurance race in the world, the organisers also provide a wide variety of off-track actvities to entertain legions of race fans which make the annual pilgrimage.

Keith Bluemel, Cavallino Staff   Ferrari SpA
79 GT Ferraris keep racking up results
Privateer GT entrants doing well in several series

The 2015 GT season has continued with a pair of races in the Tudor USCC in the USA, one of which, in Detroit didn't feature a GTLM class, leaving the Scuderia Corsa Ferrari in the GTD class as the only Ferrari representative; unfortunately it was not running at the finish. In the next round at Watkins Glen, the GTLM class was back with the #62 Risi Competizione 458 GT2 as the sole Ferrari entry, with the #63 Scuderia Corsa car the only Ferrari running in the GTD class, with both cars shy of their respective podiums come the end of the race.

Keith Bluemel
83 All Ferraris produced & Guide to the Market
As of August 1, 2015

The GT, Sport and Production Ferraris, with pertinent information and values.

Keith Bluemel, Cavallino Staff
91 Some Ferraris stall at recent auction

Comments on the current auction market

Cavallino Staff