Cavallino magazine 207

June / July 2015

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  • Publisher: John W. Barnes, Jr.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 80 pages
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On the cover the 250 GTO, s/n 3445 GT Photographed in Florida Jerry Wyszatycki

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Jerry Wyszatycki, Hewitt Collection at the Rev Institute
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AMR, Arnaud Meunier
6 The Ferrari 166 F2, c/n 001 F - 65 years later
Research leads to new finds

As the original Ferrari's Certificate di Origine - dated May 30, 1949 - shows it, the 166 F2, chassis number and engine number 001 F, was sold new to Cartiera Sterzi, the paper mill company managed by the young Count Bruno Sterzi of Milano, a customer who will be described by Enzo Ferrari as a very enthusiastic driver, enlivened by a shameless audacity.

Arnaud Blanfuney   Bianchetti Family Archives
8 Ferrari 488 GTB
Geneva heralds new Ferraris

At the recent Geneva Motor Show, from March 5-15, 2015, a traditional venue where auto manufacturers show their latest examples, Ferrari was no exception, as it presented the next generation V-8 model, the 488 GTB. The new V-8 is 3902 cc turbocharged unit pushing out 670 cv through a seven-gear F1 dual-clutch gearbox.

Hugo Garritsen   Hugo Garritsen
10 Ferrari Sergio

At the 2015 Geneva Motor Show was said to be the first example of the limited-edition run of Sergio Ferraris, this one being s/n 205529, one of six to be built, or already built, based on the 458 chassis. The prototype was presented last year.

Hugo Garritsen   Hugo Garritsen
12 Ferrari Berlinetta Lusso

Touring Superleggera was back in the spotlight at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show with a world premier: The Berlinetta Lusso. It's a street-legal 2-seater coupe, the first of a series of five units. The tailor-made coupe features a "three-box" architecture on a F12 chassis with its naturally aspired V-12. The Touring Berlinetta Lusso celebrates the feature line introduced by Touring on the iconic Ferrari 166 MM, the first series-produced Ferrari.

Hugo Garritsen   Hugo Garritsen
14 Driving a Passo Corto through France - report from the road
Tour Auto Optic 2000, 21-25 April 2015 - Paris-Vichy-Clermont Ferrand-Toulouse-Pau-Biarritz

The Tour de France had its 24th edition, of what is now called the Tour Auto, after the legendary bicycle event of the same name kept that name. 230 cars, including a 250 GTO and three SWBs, started from the Grand Palais in paris and headed to Biarritz for a five day trip on beautiful twisty roads across the heart of a land known for the best wine and cheese.

Cristian Bertschi   Arnaud Meunier, Courtesy Cristian Bertschi
Auto da Corsa Storica
24 The incredible story of Andre-Marie Ruf
AMR "The Result of Passion" book review

Once in a while... something in the all encompassing field of automobilia comes along that just stops you in your tracks, and simply makes you say... Wow, that's really impressive! That was my first reaction upon seeing this featured book in person. In fact... that was also pretty much my same reaction many years ago, when I was first shown, and the purchased, my first AMR kit, and later one of the many factory-built models.

Marshall Buck
28 The inaugural times Grand Prix at Riverside
Riverside International Raceway, October 11-12, 1958

Rudy W. Cleye was the prophet who put the project together for a new road-racing track in Southern California. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, Cleye studied engineering and hotel and restaurant management in Paris. A racer in his youth, Cleye was heavily infected by the racing virus and won numerous first overalls in sports racing, mostly driving his MB 300 SL.

Andreas Dziedzic   The Hewitt Collection at the Rev Institute for Automobile Research, Allen Kuhn
Auto da Corsa Storica
36 The Swedish GTO
A versatile berlinetta - s/n 3445 GT

It raced in Sweden's colors of blue and yellow and that color scheme now defines this particular chassis - s/n 3445 GT. Several famous owners and drivers gave this mount a good racing record. The story on how it became the Swedish darling, and about its very active afterlife in vintage racing and at Concours.

Alan Boe   Jerry Wyszatycki, Geoffrey Goddard, The Klemantaski Collection, Auto Sprint Magazine
52 Vettel & Ferrari - could be the start of something big
Formula One Championship

Australia 3/15 Malaysia 3/29 China 4/12 Bahrain 4/19

Keith Bluemel   Ferrari SpA, Paolo D'Alessio
60 GT season picks up steam with several victories
GT Series abound - one shrinks, another takes it place

USCC - Sebring 12 Hour, FL (USA) - March 21, 2015 USCC - Long Beach, CA (USA) - April 18, 2015 USCC - Laguna Seca, CA (USA) - May 3, 2015 WEC - Silverstone (GB) - April 12, 2015 WEC - Spa-Francorchamps (BE), May 2, 2015 ELMS - Silverstone (GB) - April 11, 2015 IGTO - Paul Ricard (FR) - April 24-26, 2015 BSS - Nogaro (FR) - April 4-6, 2015 BES - Monza (IT) - April 11-12, 2015

Keith Bluemel, Cavallino Staff   Denis L. Taney, Ferrari SpA, Hugo Garritsen
66 Sebring a Hard Day's Night
Sebring 12 Hours, Florida (USA) - March 21, 2015

This year was the 63rd anniversary of the legendary 12 Hours of Sebring, and during those sixty-three years, Ferrari has enjoyed extraordinary success at this world-famous endurance contest taking place on Sebring's unforgiving runways.

David Brady   Denis L. Brady
67 All Ferraris produced & Guide to the Market
As of June 1, 2015

The GT, Sport and Production Ferrari values, reflecting continued upward momentum and new base price levels

Keith Bluemel, Cavallino Staff
75 Ferraris continue to hold up at Auction
Amelia Island

Held March 13, 2015 at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation, Gooding & Company's auction achieved $11.7 million in Ferrari sales, with all 14 of 15 Ferraris offered finding new homes. Held March 14, 2015 at the Ritz Carlton Resort Amelia Island, Florida, RM Sotheby's auction achieved $16.2 million in Ferrari sales, with all 12 Ferraris offered finding new homes. Held March 12, 2015 at the Fernandina Beach Gold Club, Bonham's auction achieved $1.3 million in Ferrari sales, with 5 of 7 Ferraris offered finding new homes. At the RM Sotheby's auction at the Andrews Collection in Texas on May 2, two good Ferraris were offered. The market now waits for the RM Sotheby's auction at Villa Erba in Italy in May.

Jarrett Rothmeiser, Cavallino Staff