Cavallino magazine 205

February / March 2015

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  • Publisher: John W. Barnes, Jr.
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On the cover te Ferrari 340/375 MM Berlinetta Pinin Farina, s/n 0320AM Keith Bluemel

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Keith Bluemel, Ferrari SpA
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Peter Singhof, Keith Bluemel
10 Tipo 375 - a modeller's Dream
Powerful examples of a powerful car
Marshall Buck   Mike McCormick, John C. Lunch, Jack Harper, Richard Gauntlett, John C. Lutsch & CMA Models
23 375 MM - 0320 AM
A very good example of the type

The 375 MM series of models were a direct descendant of the 340 MM series, which in turn were visually very similar to the 250 MMs. These models were honoured with the MM suffix following the 1952 Mille Miglia (MM) victory of the 250 Sport Vignale Berlinetta, s/n 0156 ET, driven by Giovanni Bracco partnered by Alfonso Rollo. 0156 ET was a one-off model, and was the first Ferrari model to use a three liter version of the original Colombo designed V-12 engine.

Keith Bluemel   Keith Bluemel, Corrado Millanta
34 California in Turquoise
The colorful career of 3099 GT

The automotive aesthete among us might contend that the purest, very best form of vehicular travel is open-air motoring. No fibreglass, canvas or metal overhead to obscure the view or divert the elements. And so it was, decades ago, when folks first began getting around in self-propelled machines rolling on four wheels. Their transportation, more often than not, offered no protection from sun or rain - a normal evolution from horse drawn carriages, or just from horses.

Alan Boe   Alan Boe
46 A fruitless ending to a fruitless year in F1
Formula One Championship

Brazil, 11/09 Abu Dhabi, 11/23

Keith Bluemel
50 GT Ferraris save the honor
Finishing the year with several more championships

FIA WEC GT Season The final two round of the FIA World Endurance Championship, in mid and late November, one in Bahrain and the other in Brazil, brought the international GT season to a close, and with it more silverware for Ferrari, AF Corse and the drivers. WEC - Bahrain 6 Hours, November 15, 2014 WEC - San Paolo 6 Hours, November 30, 2014

Keith Bluemel   Ferrari SpA
52 All Ferraris produced & Guide to the Market
As of February 1, 2015

The GT, Sport and Production Ferraris, with pertinent information and values.

Keith Bluemel, Cavallino Staff
59 Ferraris into 2015 - will it continue

As you read this, the Scottsdale auctions will have taken place, and we'll then know how the market is fairing. It is the first big test of the new year, and will give an indication if all is well - has the market peaked, is it in decline, or is it still growing. The offerings are eager, not in the sense of quality, but in the sense that there are only a few trophy Ferrari offered here, as opposed to the cornucopia at Monterey.

Cavallino Staff