Cavallino magazine 195

April / May 2013

  • Language: American English American English
  • Publisher: John W. Barnes, Jr.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 96 pages
  • Code: ISSN 0889-2504

The Journal of Ferrari History

On the cover the Dino 246 GT Coupé, s/n 00600 Pieter E. Kamp

Table of Contents

2 Ecco

Our menu for you in number 195

3 Assistenza

Some helpful information for you

6 Lettere

Letters of continuing interest, with more information on Yvonne Simon, engine designers, disqualified GTO, and engines of a Ferrari 250 Europa.

12 A famous Ferrari Testa Rossa saved for all of us

The discovery and rebirth of Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, s/n 0728 TR

Dyke W. Ridgley   Ridgley Collection
15 GTO crashed and fixed in record time
But to no avail - disqualified

How Lucien Bianchi crashed his GTO in Remouchamps, Belgium, in the Tour de France 1962

Germain Malléjac   Courtesy Germain Malléjac
17 Segio Pininfarina honored at Maranello
A collection of sculpture from the master at the Ferrari Museum

Sixty years of overseeing many exclusive and exquisite designs for a very demanding and discriminating customer. Sergio Pininfarina was completely trusted by Ferrari and produced amazing results.

Keith Bluemel   Ferrari SpA.
20 Sergio Pininfarina honored at Geneva

At the Geneva Salon each year, Pininfarina hosts a stand with some of its latest design creations, for Ferraris and other marques as well. This year they chose to honor the recently departed Sergio Pininfarina, the guiding light of the firm for several decades, with a concept car aptly named - Sergio. It is reported to be on a 458 chassis. Its fluid curves totally reject the studied angularity of other recent concept cars. Beauty returns to car styling.

Hugo Garritsen
21 LaFerrari introduced in a frenzy at Geneva
LaFerrari stands out in a bevy of new supercars

In a show highlighted by a gold rush of new designs from nearly all the manufacturers, from new models to outrageous concept cars, Ferrari presented the new LaFerrari to universal acclaim. It is a Ferrari, of course, but its attributes did not disappoint in a crowded field.

Ferrari SpA.   Hugo Garritsen
24 0006: a most succesful chassis
The coloful life of a monocoque

0006 won the 1964 World Championship for Drivers and Manufacturers, for John Surtees and Ferrari, respectively. Impressive. It's relatively long and successful reign is documented for you with a chart of all race results included.

Arnaud Blanfuney   Bernhard Cahier, The Klemantaski Collection
38 Interview with John Surtees
Arnaud Blanfuney   The Klemantaski Collection
40 "Minuscola, scattante, sicura ... quasi una Ferrari"
A very special Dino

A look at this re-emerging classic - the Dino, and some choice details of one example - the Dino 246 GT, chassis 0600

Keith Bluemel   Pieter E. Kamp
54 Franco Gozzi - the man closest to Enzo Ferrari

Nobody better knew Enzo Ferrari, the man as well as the manufacturer, than Franco Gozzi, who became over the years the most faithful, listened and appreciated of Ferrari's collaborators. An important part of the history of the brand disappeared with him.

Arnaud Blanfuney, Jean-Claude Carçonnet   Ferrari Family, Jean-Claude Garçonnet
In Memoriam
56 SNAP, SNAP, SNAP - what is it?
The history, design and tuning of the SNAP exhaust tip

Those neat little round exhaust extractors at the back of the Ferrari 250 GTO, and helping to make that wonderful sound - what are they?

Tom Meadows   Michael Gregg, Alwin Hietbrink
71 The new Ferrari F138 in detail - a championship winner?

Ferrari's newest contender for Grand Prix Formule One racing, the Ferrari F138, seen here in wonderful detail by the renowned Paolo D'alessia. Ferrari spent more time over the winter making this car ready, to be able to contest the Championship right out of the box, with no learning curve in the first races.

Paolo D'Alessio
72 F1 season starts off with promise ...
F1 Ferraris take early victories

Formula 1 season starts off with a bang, with two wins in five races. Fans are ecstatic Alonso overcomes obstacles and triumphs. Massa finds his groove again. Reports from Australia, Malaysia, China and Bahrain.

Keith Bluemel   Ferrari SpA.
75 Ferrari in GT Racing in 2013
GT2 Ferrari may be replaced by all GT3s

A bounty of race series. In an array of countries, gives everyone so inclined a chance to go GT racing. And if you can do it in a Ferrari, so much the better. The Ferrari 458 GT is the perfect car.

Keith Bluemel   Hugo Garritsen, Denis L. Tanney, Davis Brady
78 Sebring 12 Hours begins end of GT reign
GT2 Ferraris in one of their last hurrahs

A change is in the works. Economic pressures will bring ALMS and Grand-Am together, making this 61st Sebring 12 Hours the last of the ALMS classics at this fabled race track.

David Brady   David Brady
82 The Amelia Island Concours
Ferraris at Amelia confirm trend

All Ferraris are up, with some doing very much more than others. Fad, fashion, fact or fiction? Anyone's guess. Certain models may soon come up against the hard realities of supply and demand.

Rick Carey
83 The Dino 246 - small car, big money
A cold, hard look at one corner of the market

To day Dinos have experienced a renaissance in collectors' esteem - at least to the extent esteem is reflected in price - in the recent past is something of an understatement. After years and years in mid-five figures, the Dino 246 GTs began a cautious advance in 2005, teasing six-figures before finally punching through in definitive fashion with Bonhams' sale of s/n 02870 at Monaco in 2006.

Rick Carey
86 A Guide to all Ferraris produced
Plus the market as of June 1, 2013 ... from a survey of selected dealers
Keith Bluemel, Cavallino Staff